La Jolla Secret Garden Tour: Explore the Town's Most Exclusive Gardens -

La Jolla Secret Garden Tour: Explore the Town’s Most Exclusive Gardens

For fans of lovely landscaping and unique plants, the upcoming La Jolla Secret Garden Tour will give guests a behind-the-scenes look at some of the neighborhood’s best-kept secrets

Presented by the La Jolla Historical Society, the Secret Garden Tour lets guests the exclusive opportunity to view and stroll through secluded and hidden gardens. These gardens are normally concealed from view by trees, vines, or foliage.

More than that, the Historical Society is actually celebrating 25 years of letting guests explore some of the best-kept secrets in La Jolla. The Secret Garden Tour, which is an important fundraiser for the organization, first started more than two decades ago.

“A garden tour is an opportunity to step into a different world – one where botanical colors, shapes, and fragrances command attention, summon the imagination, and lead to an escape from the world of the ordinary,” the organization wrote on its website.

Proceeds from the tour help support one of the best museums in La Jolla by funding exhibitions and educational programming.

Along with taking in beautiful plants and immaculate landscaping, the tour also lets guests explore unique designs and connect with other gardening enthusiasts. For fans for history more generally, the tour also often includes historic homes and interesting architecture.

There will also be live entertainment — such as musical performances, plein-air artists, and dining table designs — and a Garden Boutique with merchandise catering to homeowners and gardeners.

The La Jolla Secret Garden Tour kicks off with a Secret Garden Party on Friday, May 17 and continues on Saturday, May 18 with self-guided tours and other options available.

Tickets for the Secret Garden Party start at $115, while self-guided tour tickets start at $55. For more information, visit this webpage.

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