Music Stores In San Diego For Aspiring Musicians

Best Music Stores In San Diego

It’s no secret that SoCal has its own unique vibe, with a thriving art community and a genuine adoration for creative expression.  Perhaps it’s the boss beach views that captivate artists and musicians in this region. Or, maybe it’s the crisp, salty breezes and stupendous weather that inspire musicians to pump out brilliant beats. Whatever the source, La Jolla and music stores in San Diego have fueled the music scene for decades.  From native Californians such as bluesy storyteller Tom Waits and the gritty pop-punk group Blink-182, good music stores in San Diego proudly put the right resources in the hands of all types of musical talent in the area. 

Types of Music Stores in San Diego

Dreaming about playing the dulcimer or pumped about learning the piccolo? No matter what your curiosity or experience level, there is a music store in San Diego that has you covered. From vinyl to violin scores or instrument repairs to acoustic-electric guitar lessons, some of the very best music stores in San Diego are ready to help you with your every note-worthy need.

Specialty Music Stores in San Diego

If you happen to be a member of the La Jolla Music Society, you know how uniquely prepared the area is for every musician’s demand. Since the first music shop opened in the 1930s, specialty music stores in the San Diego area continue to serve discerning customers and satisfy specific musical whims. Here are a few stores that are well known for their exclusive specialties if you’re a music enthusiast with distinctive requirements.

Greene Music (Miramar)

If you’re all about tickling the ivories, then you’re in for a treat when you visit Greene Music. They’ve specialized in all things piano since 1974. Greene’s store features a sprawling showcase of almost every brand and style of piano you can imagine. From baby grands to digital pianos, Greene is the go-to store for expert pianists or beginners.  Furthermore, they offer piano repairs, tuning services, and piano lessons.  They are also one of the biggest sheet music stores in San Diego for piano scores, lesson books, and more.

  • Address: 7480 Miramar Rd., San Diego, CA 92126
  • Phone: (858) 280-3382

Deering Banjo (Spring Valley)

Amateurs and pro banjo players alike have been pickin’ and grinnin’ with Deering Banjos for over four decades. From straps to strings, lessons to repairs, Deering is the supreme banjo music store in San Diego. They offer everything banjo-related to beginners as well as celebrities such as Steve Martin and Keith Urban.  So don’t be surprised if you spy a superstar strumming a Deering-made banjo the next time you’re at the La Jolla Playhouse.  Whether you are banjo-curious, or an aficionado, Deering is the place to go to get your pick on.  

  • Address: 3733 Kenora Dr., Spring Valley, CA 91977
  • Phone: (800) 845-7791

Best Music Store in San Diego for Instruments

When you’re aching to dive into the music scene, yet still undecided about what instrument you’re destined to play, that’s okay. There are plenty of music instrument stores in San Diego California that can help you realize your music-playing dreams. The most common way to find music stores in San Diego is to do a quick internet search and read through the reviews. But if you want the real scoop on where to get your jam on, just ask a La Jolla local, and they’ll happily tell you about the hottest music shops in the area. Here are just a few stores that music-loving residents are buzzing about.

Giacoletti Music (Oceanside)

For over 40 years, Giacoletti has been one of the most well-known musical instrument stores in San Diego.  They offer a mind-blowing variety of musical instruments for rent or purchase. Additionally, Giacoletti provides repairs, accessories, and music books and offers free assessments for instrument lessons. So whether you’re looking for a tuba or a tambourine, Giacoletti is your answer.

  • Address: 2110 S. Coast Hwy., Suite G, Oceanside, CA 92054
  • Phone: (760) 729-1335

Harper’s Music Store (Chula Vista)

If you’re seeking a dynamic instrument and music store in downtown San Diego, Harper’s in Chula Vista is just a 14-minute drive away. They boast an eclectic assortment of instruments from cellos to guitars which you can rent or own. Harper’s also carries a wide variety of accessories, amps, and pro audio equipment. 

  • Address: 627 H Street, Suite B, Chula Vista, CA 91910
  • Phone: (619) 398-2505  

Music Stores in San Diego for Repairs

Whether you are gearing up to play at the Wonderfront Musical in San Diego or need a tuneup for your next recital, it’s important to keep your instrument in top-notch condition.  After all, no gig can win a standing ovation with a pitchy pan flute or a wonky woodwind. Lucky for you, several music stores in San Diego provide tuning, repairs, and service for all kinds of instruments. Here are a few music shops that specialize in instrument repairs. Just bear in mind, that some of the previously mentioned music stores in the San Diego area offer instrument repairs too.

The Repair Zone (Kearny Mesa)

If your ax is out of whack, The Repair Zone can get your guitar back on track. With over 30 years of experience, these are pros at repairing bass guitars, ukuleles, mandolins, and many other string instruments. From finishing to fretwork, The Repair Zone can set your strings up for success.

  • Address: 7960 Convoy Court, San Diego, CA 92111
  • Phone: (858) 299-5315

The Windsmith (North Park)

Located right in the heart of San Diego, The Woodsmith does one thing and they do it well – repairs.  They specialize in band and orchestra instrument repairs, so if your bassoon is broken or your trombone slide is stuck, The Woodsmith can hook you up.

  • Address: 3875 Granada Ave., San Diego, CA 92104
  • Phone: (619) 220-8984  

Finding A Music Store in San Diego for Lessons

Are you yearning to be the next Yo-Yo Ma, but your cello skills are a bit lackluster? Or maybe you got a guitar for your birthday and haven’t a clue as to how to hold it much less play a note. Not to worry, because there is more than one music store in San Diego that can connect you with instructors so you can dazzle audiences with your musical talent.  Beginners and experts alike can benefit from music gurus offering lessons in La Jolla and the surrounding area. With so many different methods, styles, and teachers to choose from, you have a plethora of options while mastering the art of making music.  In addition to previously noted stores that provide music lessons, here are a few more resources to get you started on your musical education.

Bertrand’s Music (Carmel Mountain Rd.)

Since 1983, Bertrand has been coaching and teaching students, professionals, hobbyists, and concert-level performers with integrity and pride. They’re not about cramming lessons down students’ gullets. On the contrary, their passion for helping artists improve is evident in their claim to “partner in your musical journey.” Bertrand’s offers private lessons as well as group lessons and they have a variety of methods, including head start and fast track programs.

  • Address: 9906 Carmel Mountain Rd., San Diego, CA 92129
  • Phone: (858) 780-1812   

School of Rock San Diego (Liberty Station)

In the comedy film of the same name, Jack Black jammed out with school kids. In the real world, the School of Rock in San Diego isn’t cracking any jokes about music. They are serious about teaching students of all ages how to rock ‘n roll.  From savage drum lessons to ripping guitar instruction, the School of Rock is a full-service rock lesson destination. As Jack Black might say, their music lessons are all about giving students “the power to blow people’s minds with high-voltage rock.”

  • Address: Liberty Station, 2850 Womble Rd., #104, San Diego, CA 92106
  • Phone: (619) 696-9343  

Best Record Stores

Are you pining for vintage vinyl? Does your cover band need to nail a hit song for the next gig? If you’re on the prowl for fresh tunes and hot recordings, the best music stores in San Diego can satisfy your search.  Avid music lovers like you should never have to compromise on quality sound, sweet vocals, and rocking-good rhythms. Thankfully, several music stores specialize in vinyl, CDs, and sounds you can purchase to your heart’s content. Here are a few for your music-loving consideration.

Vinyl Junkies Record Shack (South Park)

Music purists all over La Jolla and San Diego are raving over “The Shack.” Why? Because their store is a trove of musical genres and appeals to every musical taste. Set in a hip, indie-centric environment, Vinyl Junkies encourages music enthusiasts to browse, boogie, and buy the best tracks to add to their collection. New, used, rare, and unique, Vinyl Junkies Record Shack should be on your dance card.

  • Address: 2235 Fern St., San Diego, CA 92104
  • Phone: (619) 794-2399  

Cow Records (Ocean Beach)

The last bastion of bohemian shops in San Diego, Cow Records is a vintage music-lover’s dream come true. Its close location to the coast is incredibly alluring, but its exhaustive inventory of records, CDs, and cassettes will make you swoon.  Cow prides itself on being a curator of odd, novelty, and variety. If you can’t find it there, their savvy staff can find it for you.

  • Address: 5040 Newport Avenue, San Diego, CA 92107
  • Phone: (619) 523-0236

Final Thoughts

Can you hear it? The musical scene in SoCal and La Jolla is calling you to beat your drums, sing your songs, and get the band back together. From acid rock to quintessential classical, you are bound to find music stores in San Diego that will wet your slide whistle and tantalize your trumpet-playing tendencies.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a resident, visiting, or recently relocated here, your fave music store in San Diego is waiting for you to heed the call and conjure up some mad musical moments.