Does Weed Help With Tooth Pain? Relief & Benefits |

Does Weed Help With Tooth Pain? Relief & Benefits

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Plaque build up, cavities, chipped or broken teeth, over or under brushing and flossing, tooth decay, poor hygiene and eating hard foods are some of the main culprits responsible for tooth aches and pains. Let’s be honest–there’s nothing more unpleasant than unexpected tooth pain, especially on a day when the dentists are out of office. Luckily, there might be a remedy that you can access 7 days a week–and keep on hand–in the event a sudden toothache occurs. 

We know what you’re thinking…does weed help with tooth pain, for real? Weed is believed to help with a series of ailments and soothe a plethora of physical and mental issues, and while there isn’t much research on weed as it relates to dental conditions, there have been some studies conducted that demonstrate how weed can be a game changer in easing tooth pain and certain dental related issues. 

Let’s investigate further, shall we?

Weed and Tooth Pain

“How does weed help with tooth pain” can only be answered once we understand how weed interacts with the brain and body for tooth pain. For starters, it’s important to know that cannabinoids exert their beneficial effects through initiating apoptosis. This is a natural process in the body where old or damaged cells are wired to deteriorate and ultimately die off. Cannabinoids are thought to facilitate apoptosis by working to eradicate troublesome cells, making way for new and healthy cells to grow.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell you that If your nerve endings at the center of your teeth are exposed, it is not pleasant. Causes of tooth pain can develop from a number of things, including irritation from acid erosion, inflammation in the nerve of the tooth, periodontitis, and dry socket. Thankfully, cannabis can help reduce production of cytokines–proteins that can play a major role in inflammation. The fewer cytokines produced, the less inflammation and pain experienced. CBD and THC may be able to do wonders to regulate pain. 

If you are experiencing toothache, dental cancer, cavities or abscesses, an oral bacterial infection, or gingivitis, research suggests that cannabis use may be able to help. Cannabis may even help those who experience anxiety when going to the dentist’s office.

Is Smoking Weed the Only Way To Consume THC for Tooth Pain Treatment?

Does smoking weed help with tooth pain? While cannabis may have a positive impact on easing pain, smoking is known to cause inflammation, and can further irritate an achy tooth by causing the surrounding gums to flare up due to the heat from the smoke. Smoking might be the preferred choice for those experiencing pain in other parts of the body, as well as for muscle recovery, but if you have tooth pain it’s advised to opt for alternative methods of using cannabis. You could use edibles, oils, and creams in replacement for tooth pain relief, and even vaping.

Smoking weed may provide subtle but almost instant results, whereas edibles and other products’ beneficial effects generally come on more gradually–typically within 30 minutes to an hour, and last a longer time than smoking weed. Of course, if your pain is anything higher than a 3 out of 10…it’s best to seek medical help from a licensed professional. Weed may be a temporary fix, but it won’t make the pain subside fully or permanently.

Best Strains for Tooth Pain

Now that we are on the same page about weed and tooth pain, let’s browse which strains are best to ease inflammation and help minimize tooth pain.

Strains higher in THC are thought to work to stimulate nerve cells, lowering intense sensation and pain. These strains may have the ability to not only reduce inflammation and pain, but also boost mood. Strains high in terpenes such as Myrcene, Linalool, and Pinene are believed to contain anti-inflammatory properties and are thought to produce calming effects, reduce chronic inflammation, and lessen tooth pain. 

Some specific strains high in one or multiple of the above terpenes include Harlequin, which is a Sativa high in CBD, low in THC, making it a solid choice for tooth pain minus the high. Charlotte’s Web is another fine choice for those who want to skip on the psychoactive effects. It is super low in THC, and super high in CBD– 20% or more. Northern Lights and Bubba Kush are two powerful indica strains thought to be excellent for their tranquilizing effects, ability to reduce inflammation, and the overall body high people report that they experience after consumption.

CBD–believed to be very useful for its pain relieving properties–may be an excellent, not to mention safer and less addictive, alternative to opioid painkillers. If you are looking to relieve pain and inflammation without the buzz that comes with THC, CBD is a gold mine and may work well to relieve dental pain

Is Sativa or Indica Better for Tooth Pain?

Both sativa and indica are believed to have powerful benefits. However, there is one stronger strain when it comes to tooth pain and seeking relief. While there is still limited research related to weed and pain relief, general pain relief is often associated with indica strains. If you are looking for mild to moderate pain relief, indica strains are thought to help with specific things such as pinched nerves, toothaches, and other sensitivities.

Of course, if you are hoping to still have a productive day and not be couch-locked and sleepy, an indica-dominant hybrid or a sativa high in CBD would probably be effective alternatives.

Can Weed Trigger Tooth Pain?

As mentioned above, smoking weed can inflame your gums and teeth and might actually make tooth pain worse. There isn’t much evidence out there that shows whether weed can trigger tooth pain, but it’s possible that if you have an underlying issue with your teeth or gums, smoking weed may bring it to the surface. 

It is important to note that smoking habitually can lead to discolored teeth, cottonmouth (or dry mouth), tooth decay, gum disease, and increased risk of inflammation associated with oral mucositis. On that subject, oral tissue and tooth cell receptors have a tendency to react to microbe and metabolic compounds found in cannabis, manifesting in the form of inflammation and tooth aches. Everyone’s body reacts differently due to their unique genetic makeup, lifestyle, habits, tolerance, and symptoms–among other factors. It is best to consult with your doctor or dentist before considering weed as a treatment for tooth pain.

If I Have Tooth Pain, Should I Stop Smoking Cannabis? 

It may be best to stick to edibles–preferably soft ones–or tinctures and oils if you have tooth pain. Smoking cannabis is probably not going to do you any good. If you must inhale the cannabis, you may want to use a vaporizer, which is thought to be slightly less irritating to your teeth and gums than smoking. Again, consult with a medical professional on what route to take and how to properly treat your tooth pain.

How to Purchase Marijuana

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Key Takeaways On Weed And Tooth Pain

So we’ve answered “does weed help with tooth pain” and gone over how and what strains. Let’s run through what we learned, shall we?

  • Cannabis may help reduce production of cytokines–proteins that can play a role in inflammation. More cannabis is thought to mean less cytokines, theoretically resulting in less inflammation
  • Smoking weed may also cause inflammation and irritate an achy tooth
  • Edibles, tinctures, oils, and transdermal patches may be a wiser alternative to helping ease tooth pain
  • CBD is believed to be an effective and safer alternative for relieving pain than prescription painkillers
  • Indica strains, prized for their sedative and anti-inflammatory properties, are thought to be great for pain reduction
  • Cannabis is not a medical treatment for tooth pain, so consult with your dentist for best treatment method


We know the dentist isn’t anyone favorite place to be, so if you want to avoid sitting in the chair with your mouth ajar as dentists pick away at your teeth or drill holes to remove cavities, we first recommend you brush your teeth and floss 2–3 times a day, use mouthwash, and a tongue scraper to get rid of bacteria and avoid thrush. An annual or bi-annual visit to the dentist for a cleaning and checkup is also recommended to remove plaque and make sure your teeth are in good condition. 

If you happen to experience tooth pain and decide to try cannabis or CBD for pain relief, remember that you may want to avoid smoking cannabis and opt for tinctures or soft edibles.. Don’t forget to follow up with your dentist to get to the root of the issue. We hope your tooth pain is short-lived!

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