Does Weed Help With Weight Loss? Effects on Metabolism & Appetite -

Does Weed Help With Weight Loss? Effects on Metabolism & Appetite

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Does weed help with weight loss? It’s a common question, and with good reason. Everyone wants as many benefits from cannabis as possible, and if shedding some extra pounds comes as an added bonus, that’s a big win for weed enthusiasts.

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You might have heard anecdotes from friends about cannabis use leading to dramatic physical changes. If you’re curious about whether these stories are true, we’re here to set the record straight and help you get some much-needed clarity.

So, does smoking weed burn calories? Do edibles make you lose weight? What about the weed munchies? We’ll cover all of these burning questions and more below.

Does Weed Help With Weight Loss?

It’s the question of the hour: can weed help you lose weight? Let’s clear things up right off the bat. 

Unfortunately, there isn’t any empirical evidence that smoking weed directly impacts your body weight. While that might be disappointing, it’s not the end of the story per se. There are some ways that weed can indirectly impact your weight and your health as a whole, which we’ll touch on in the sections below.

How Does Weed Help With Weight Loss?

So, now we’ve let the cat out of the bag — you know weed doesn’t directly impact weight loss. However, your cannabis consumption may affect your body in other ways that might contribute to your body weight indirectly. Here are a few:

  • Research shows that weed can alleviate chronic pain in some cases. Because pain leaves your body in a state of inflammation, it can hamper your body’s ability to function properly, which can lead to weight gain. As a result, use of cannabis to manage pain may impact your weight, but this isn’t always the case.
  • Cannabis use can help you sleep better, which is another essential aspect of maintaining your overall health. Lack of quality sleep is associated with a slower metabolism, which can lead to weight gain.

Does Weed Boost Metabolism?

While smoking weed can’t guarantee weight loss, there is some evidence that cannabis use may impact your metabolism. Weed impacts cannabinoid receptor 1, a neurotransmitter that has an effect on your metabolism. However, it’s worth mentioning that further research is necessary to come to a solid conclusion here.

Does Weed Help With Weight Loss?

Can Weed Make You Lose Your Appetite?

Here’s another anecdote you might have heard from a weed-loving friend at some point: “The more I smoke, the less hungry I get.” However, on the flipside, you’ve probably also heard friends say that weed gives them an extreme case of “the munchies,” which we’ll discuss more soon.

So, which is it? Does weed make you hungry or make you lose your appetite? In reality, it depends. While THC is a known appetite stimulant, some cannabis users find that their smoking habit causes them to snack less. Factors like age, lifestyle, sleep, and more can all affect weed’s impact on your appetite.

What Are “Weed Munchies,” And How Does It Affect Weight Loss?

As we mentioned above, THC, the psychoactive component in marijuana, is known to stimulate your appetite. That’s why you might find that weed makes you hungrier, meaning you might find yourself with a serious case of so-called “weed munchies” after the effects of THC hit.

You can imagine how weed munchies might affect weight loss for many people. For some, consuming cannabis can actually be a hindrance to weight loss without a healthy dose of self-control. If you’re trying to lose weight and tend to get the munchies while high, be prepared with some healthy, nutrient-dense snacks rather than junk food!

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Are There Strains of Marijuana That Are Less Likely To Cause the Munchies?

Strains of marijuana with higher CBD and THC levels are known to have weaker effects on the appetite. At SWC, the premier dispensary in Arizona, we can help you find the perfect strain for you, no matter what your specific needs are.

Can Weed Be Used as an Aid in Exercise or Fitness Routines for Weight Loss?

Weed is known to increase mobility, especially for those who deal with chronic pain. For this reason, cannabis use may help you maintain a consistent fitness regimen. However, it’s important to discuss the use of weed in this way with your doctor before getting started.

Is Smoking or Vaping Weed a Healthier Option for Weight Management Than Edibles?

Smoking and vaping weed are zero-calorie ways to get high, while edibles — of course — are food. That means that, if weight loss is a big priority for you, smoking or vaping may be a better option. However, it’s worth mentioning that not all edibles are high-calorie junk food! You can find healthier edible options at a dispensary near you.

Are There Non-Psychoactive Alternatives Like CBD for Weight Loss?

CBD doesn’t have any proven effects on appetite or weight, but it may help you manage issues like sleeplessness or chronic pain. In these ways, non-psychoactive alternatives to weed may have some benefits when you’re trying to shed some extra pounds.

How To Purchase Marijuana

The best way to purchase marijuana is at a reputable dispensary near you. SWC Arizona is an ideal option for AZ residents — they have a wide selection of everything from gear to edibles to flower.

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Key Takeaways on Weed and Weight Loss

Now you know the truth about weed and weight loss: you can’t directly impact your weight with cannabis, but getting high may have an indirect effect on your body composition. In general, it’s best to lose weight through tried-and-true methods like calorie reduction, exercise, de-stressing, and moderating your consumption of processed junk food.

As always, make sure to get your cannabis from a reputable, legal source and get high responsibly! Remember that weed affects everyone slightly differently, so you may be initially surprised by its effects on your appetite, energy levels, sleep, and more. As you become more familiar with how your body responds to cannabis, you’ll know what strains of weed and methods of getting high suit you best.

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