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Where to Get the Best San Diego Zoo Tickets Discount Deals

The San Diego Zoo is one of the most visited zoos in the United States, so as far as San Diego attractions go, you know the zoo is going to be at the top of many lists. With over 650 species and subspecies and over 100 years of experience and growth, a visit to the San Diego Zoo is not a one-time thing. You and members of your family will want to go again and again. That’s why when dreaming of getting San Diego Zoo tickets, discount options matter.

You also may go because you enjoy supporting the zoo and what it stands for, including the San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research. If you have a San Diego Go Pass, tickets to the zoo remain at a consistent, steady price for you. But without a Go Pass, finding a San Diego Zoo tickets discount can be a huge relief on your pocketbook.

San Diego Zoo Tickets Discount

Zoo tickets may seem expensive, but when it comes to San Diego Zoo ticket prices, it is important to keep in mind the spaciousness of the park as well as the many attractions and exhibits that are offered. However, it is also worth exploring San Diego Zoo coupons and discounts that are available in various places to try to get those costs down, especially if you are visiting the zoo with a large party.

How Much Are San Diego Zoo Tickets?

San Diego Zoo tickets may present some sticker shock when you first see the prices, but it is important to remember that San Diego Zoo prices include access to all of the zoo itself and many of the special attractions located at the zoo. Single day ticket prices at the time of this writing are $62 for adults and $52 for children aged 3 to 11. Children under the age of 2 are free. 

Two visit passes are $104 for adults and $94 for children. The 3 for 1 pass, which includes the San Diego Zoo, the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, and SeaWorld, are $165 for adults and $155 for children. Of course, the San Diego Zoo membership is available, as well as the San Diego Go Pass.

San Diego Zoo Discount Tickets Options

Here are many possibilities for finding San Diego Zoo tickets discounts and San Diego Zoo coupons.

San Diego Zoo Discounts

There are quite a few options for discounts on zoo tickets. A San Diego Zoo membership discount happens very quickly and repeatedly if you visit the zoo more than a few times a year, or have a large family that enjoys zoo visits. Other discounts are available through organizations like AAA.

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Authorized Ticket Sellers

With an AAA membership discount, you can get discount tickets at select AAA branches. And for another great place with San Diego zoo discounts, Costco is the way to go. You can get group tickets for the zoo and many other attractions at a discount. Other than the zoo itself, these are the only authorized ticket sellers in the San Diego area.

Public Service & Associations

Many members of public services and certain associations can get discounts to the zoo with valid identification. A San Diego Zoo military discount is valid for all members of the military, and active members of the military may get free single-day passes. Members of the travel industry also receive a discount by showing valid identification.


Both San Diego residents and Southern California residents can get San Diego Zoo discount tickets by proving residence in specific zip codes. These types of annual passes can either be a weekday pass with unlimited visits, or a Premium annual pass which includes unlimited visits whenever you like, as well as many other bonuses such as San Diego Zoo coupons for family members.

Get Discounted San Diego Zoo Tickets

Education Industry

The education industry is very important and the zoo recognizes this in the form of a San Diego Zoo teacher discount and a San Diego Zoo student discount. With a valid teacher or student ID, any person gets 15% off the regular admission cost to the zoo. Explore the whole San Diego Zoo safari park map with San Diego Zoo Safari Park discounts at 15% off!

Online Sources

Online has many options for searching for ticket discounts. Go to your favorite browser and do a search for San Diego Zoo discount code, or San Diego Zoo promo code. You could also search “Groupon San Diego zoo” to check for great coupons that may be available online. Your go-to browser extension for promo codes and coupons may also help you find a deal.

San Diego Zoo Ticket Bundles and Vacation Packages

There are many ticket bundles available on the San Diego Zoo website itself. However, you could also search online for ticket bundles and vacation packages. Many travel agencies, online travel sites, and even local hotels offer vacation packages that include admission to the San Diego Zoo and surrounding attractions.

San Diego Zoo Tickets at the Door

You may be asking the age-old question of “Can I buy San Diego Zoo tickets at the gate?” While this is an option, it is highly recommended that you purchase your tickets ahead of time. This allows you to plan your visit from start to finish, prevents the possibility of waiting in a long entrance line, and gets you started on your park adventure right away.

Is it Better to Buy San Diego Zoo Tickets Online or in Person?

Buying zoo tickets online is almost always going to be your best option. There may be San Diego zoo discounts online that you will not be aware of if you purchase at the gate. Plus, buying your tickets online will allow you to get into the park and started on your adventure much faster than waiting in line at the gate to purchase.

What Do San Diego Zoo Tickets Include?

Tickets to the San Diego Zoo aren’t just tickets to go view a variety of interesting and exotic animals – they include so much more. Even standard tickets include guided bus tours, the aerial tram, and any regularly scheduled shows. 

There are often special events at the zoo that may be included with a standard day pass, such as Jungle Bells and HalGLOWeen. Upgraded tickets are available for things like up-close experiences with the animals and your own personal tour guide.

Seasonal Offers

Throughout the year, the San Diego Zoo rolls out an array of exciting seasonal offers that provide visitors with unique opportunities to explore the zoo while enjoying fantastic savings. Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect:

Holiday Specials

During festive seasons like Christmas and New Year, the San Diego Zoo often unveils special holiday-themed events and discounted admission rates. It’s a perfect time for families to make cherished memories amidst the holiday magic.

Summer Promotions

As the sun shines brighter, the zoo frequently introduces summer promotions. These can include extended hours, nighttime events, and reduced San Diego Zoo ticket prices for children and families. It’s an ideal time for an adventure in the warm California weather.

Spring Break Excitement

Spring is a season of renewal, and the San Diego Zoo celebrates it with exciting spring break offers. Visitors can enjoy a refreshing day San Diego Zoo tickets discount discounted rates during this time, making it a great way to kick off the season.

Annual Pass Renewal Discounts

For those holding annual passes, the zoo often offers renewal discounts. It’s a fantastic incentive for loyal members to continue their support and enjoy another year of wildlife encounters.

Back-to-School Deals

As summer draws to a close, the zoo may introduce back-to-school San Diego Zoo tickets discount.  Families can savor the last days of vacation with budget-friendly admission options before the school year begins.

Wildlife Awareness Months

Be sure to check the San Diego Zoo’s official website and announcements for the latest updates on seasonal offers. These promotions provide an excellent chance to experience the zoo’s wonders while enjoying exceptional value for your visit.

Other Ways to Save on San Diego Zoo Tickets

There are other ways to get San Diego Zoo discounts. San Diego Zoo Free Days last all of October and allow children aged 3 to 11 to visit the zoo free with a paying adult. San Diego Zoo members may get guest passes to bring one person to the zoo with them for a free day. 

There is also the San Diego Zoo Shoppers’ Pass. Designed for people who want to visit the gift shop, these passes give a glimpse of the zoo and all it has to offer for a low hourly price.

What to Know Before You Arrive

It is possible to easily plan your whole visit to the San Diego Zoo online, even to the point of purchasing tickets and parking passes as needed. Parking at San Diego Zoo can get a little crazy at times, and planning ahead may even make it easier to get back to your car at the end of a fun-filled day. 

Is San Diego Zoo Worth It?

Ask anyone who has been, and you will get a resounding yes to this question. Whether you are attracted to the variety of animals, the huge, well-made exhibits, the fun events, and attractions, or the conservation and history of the zoo, there is something for everyone there and something to make even the full ticket price worth it. A day spent at the San Diego Zoo will be a day to remember in the minds of the whole family.

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With a variety of different places to find a San Diego Zoo tickets discount, there is no excuse not to visit this fabulous attraction when you are in the San Diego area. Come see what millions around the world call the best zoo in the world, and stay for a day (or three) among the huge variety of flora and fauna that calls our Earth home.