Unclaimed Money In Your Name? Here’s How to Find it

Unclaimed Money in California

Throughout the United States, there is a large amount of unclaimed money that sits in various locations that are still unclaimed by the people who should rightfully own it. There is an estimated $58 billion in unclaimed cash and benefits. And when it comes to unclaimed money, California may have one of the largest populations that are missing their personal cash. If you live in California, unclaimed funds may be at the tip of your fingers, without you realizing that it exists and is readily available. Whether you believe you have unclaimed property, California or elsewhere, it is highly recommended that you do a California unclaimed money search today and see what funds you might have coming your way tomorrow.

How To Find Unclaimed Money In California

With a high amount of unclaimed money, California may be a payoff for you. Just think: if you could get an amount of cash, even if it was relatively small, wouldn’t it be worth filling out a couple of forms to claim? If you think you might be entitled to unclaimed property, California has a variety of ways for you to track down this cold hard cash. The San Diego homeless population is likely to have a portion of these funds, as well, and just need a hand finding it. There are so many resources available that make it easy to find your money, you may be inspired to help someone else find theirs, too.

How Unclaimed Funds Work

When dealing with unclaimed money or unclaimed property, California makes it easy to understand the process. Unclaimed property often happens when checking or savings accounts are not closed out properly, payroll checks are not claimed, or if certain accounts, deposits, or payouts are left in a bank or other institution without being claimed. In this case, it is not the bank’s responsibility to find unclaimed money, just to report it — which is where you have to be proactive. 

How Do I Find Out if I Have Unclaimed Money in California?

When it comes to the state of California and unclaimed money, it is worth it to look into it. This is because it is both completely free, and the process both to find unclaimed money and to submit the claim to receive it is surprisingly simple. An association like Unclaimed.org California can help you discover if you have unclaimed funds and how to claim them if you do. Another place to check is the state comptroller’s office by website or phone call. When it comes to unclaimed property, California state government offices are the best website to find your unclaimed money. NAUPA, or the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators, supplies many resources to help track down unclaimed property, California or otherwise.

How Do I Claim My Money in California?

If you find unclaimed money in California, the easiest way to claim it is by submitting a claim to the California State Comptroller’s office. There is also a website set up to claim California treasury unclaimed money, and to do a California unclaimed money search. For a website to check after you have discovered that you have unclaimed money, California is Claimit.ca.gov. It is possible to do everything online with the right paperwork. You will need to correctly complete and submit a claim form, as well as provide current photo identification, proof of your social security number, and proof of residency. Prepare for this, as gathering all of this paperwork for the claim may take a bit of time. 

How Long It Takes to Get Unclaimed Money or Property in California

If you find unclaimed money, California makes it easy to claim with an online claim that may be paid as quickly as two weeks. There is no time limit or fee to file a claim, although some claims may be more complicated and can take months to process. If you are waiting for unclaimed money in California, it may be time to think about a credit builder card to help build your credit with a simple loan. If you have an unexpected expense and are doing a California unclaimed money search, think about trying to save for those unexpected expenses that might happen in the future.

Tips That Can Make Finding Your Funds Easy:

Some tips and tricks exist for finding your California unclaimed funds. There are a variety of reasons you might find unclaimed property, California or in any other state. Perhaps you had a retirement or life insurance benefit that you were not aware of. You may have an old bank account that just slipped your mind. You may have worked for one of the biggest employers in San Diego and might have an unclaimed paycheck or partial paycheck. Or there may be a mistake on your past tax records that when fixed would entitle you to more money from the government. If this is the case, the first step for you to make is to go to the unclaimed funds website for the state you live in. 

Getting Your Unclaimed Funds

Whether you remember any of these instances or not, go and check if you have unclaimed money today. No matter how small the amount, it is still your money, and it should belong to you. To find unclaimed money is simple, and getting your California unclaimed funds is simple. and the Unclaimed.org website in California can help you do both things. When it comes to unclaimed money, California has a large chunk of what is left to be claimed. Don’t let your extra funds go to the government, especially when they belong to you!

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