It’s Back to School for La Jolla Kids! -

It’s Back to School for La Jolla Kids!

The past year and a half have affected everyone — and that means our children, too.

The effects of the pandemic stretch from the CEO to the schoolchildren. Everyone has made arrangements and reassessed the fundamentals of their lives.

But imagine being a kid today!

The path from kindergarten through college has been turned on its head with global closures of schools and universities, cancelled milestone events, and this new reality called social distancing.

These circumstances have lasted longer than anyone could have anticipated, and the possibility of more school closures loomed over summer break.

Back to School 2021: A Milestone

Fortunately, we’re celebrating a back to school week! La Jolla’s children were allowed to return to their rightful place: in the classroom with their teachers, friends, and structured learning.

This is a big deal. When schools opened their doors on August 30, 2021, it was the first time San Diego schools offered full-time in-person instruction since the pandemic started in March of last year. 

Children, teachers, and parents alike celebrated this triumphant step toward normalcy. While virtual learning and even hybrid learning were acceptable, there is nothing quite like the comfort of a normal learning routine and structure, only found within a school’s physical walls. 

Masks Are Required, Vaccines Aren’t

Although children still need to wear masks, vaccinations are not required. Additionally, weekly COVID-19 tests are available but not mandatory, giving both parents and students the choice and means of continuing precautions.

While the pandemic is still a concern for many, and the mask mandates are a hot topic of debate, the consensus of the schools reopening in La Jolla is one of optimism and excitement.

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