Campo, a Small San Diego Town, Could Be Yours for $6.6M -

Campo, a Small San Diego Town, Could Be Yours for $6.6M

If you’ve ever wanted to buy an entire city in San Diego County, now might be your chance to purchase a small town named Campo.

Campo is technically an unincorporated community in San Diego’s Mountain Empire. It’s about an hour from the city proper, and it could be yours for the price of $6.6 million.

Included in that price tag would be 28 buildings across the small township, including many former Army barracks that have been converted into apartments or homes, as well as several commercial properties.

According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, Campo has technically been on sale since 2019. Back then, the price tag was $5.5 million. Now, a new real estate company called Top Gun CRE has taken over the task of selling nearly the entire town.

As far as other perks, the entire town has an Old West charm that hearkens back to the golden age of frontier towns in California. Because of its location in the Mountain Empire, Campo and surrounding communities is also one of the best places to see snow in San Diego County and is a great starting point for the best hikes in San Diego County.

Additionally, the properties on Campo bring in about $331,521 a year in net income. Since rents have increased, the overall value of the town has too, Top Gun CRE said.

Along with the residential buildings, Campo’s commercial properties also include a few museums, a church, a metal shop, a lumber and ranch supply store, a post office, and a Veterans of Foreign Wars chapter.

If you’d like to check out Campo before buying it, the community holds an annual Campo Days celebration each year with free admission to nearby museums and other festivities.

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