US Open 2021 Winner Jon Rahm Talks About Torrey Pines

US Open 2021 Winner Jon Rahm Talks About His Love for Torrey Pines


US Open 2021 winner Jon Rahm. IG photo by @the_final_score_podcast


The US Open Championship took place at Torrey Pines on June 21, 2021. Plenty of talented golfers participated, but only one took the title home, Jon Rahm.

Jon Rahm is a professional golfer from Spain, currently ranked 1st in the Official World Golf Ranking.

Raham won this year’s US Open Championship on what was also his first Father’s Day.

Jon Rahm loves San Diego

In his post-championship interview, he shared his deep connection with Torrey Pines. He said, “It’s been my favorite city for a long time; it was my wife’s favorite city before we ever met.” 

While looking back, he also mentioned the PGA Tour Win at Torrey Pines was with his father by his side. “I was really happy my dad was here at that time, and as a father on my first Father’s Day with my dad here to get this one done the way I did.” 

The town also played an important role for him and his wife. “We got engaged here as well. I have a very happy life. I can say I’m extremely happy with the golf course, but this one might steal the show for a couple [of] days.”

“I do love Torrey Pines, and Torrey Pines loves me”

Of his deep and running connection with the place where it all happened, he said. “I do love Torrey Pines, and Torrey Pines loves me.”

Being a father also played an important role in his game as he said, “I really set out myself to be an example for my son that he would be proud of and I’ve done some stuff in the past, in the golf course, that I’m not proud of and I wish I could eliminate, but I’ve accepted it.” 

From this PGA Tour win, along with his life accomplishments, everyone can agree he’s doing a great job.

He’s even having fun on the course during his practice rounds! 


The banner photo in this story is from IG user @hookedongolfnfl

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