Children’s Pool Beach -

Children’s Pool Beach

Known For

Protective sea wall that makes this a good beach for families with children

Great for watching seals and sea lions

Though not ideal for swimming now, great beach to take in the scenery & for photos

Overview & Amenities

Children’s Pool is the perfect spot to see the wildlife that has recently taken over the La Jolla beach. This pool was originally created to serve as a barrier to the waves for children to play, but now it is home to seals and sea lions!

  • Dogs Allowed
  • Good for Groups
  • Good for Kids
  • Free Parking

As its name suggests, the Children’s Pool was originally constructed to serve as a protected swimming area for young children. The sea wall that encircles the beach stops rough surf from entering the area, making it easy to wade in and out of the water. In recent years it has been overtaken by the area’s seals and sea lions (much to the chagrin of many locals)! Despite the presence of the sea lions, Children’s Pool is a beautiful spot to take in the scenery.

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· La Jolla , California · 92037