Del Mar North Beach (Dog Beach)

Known For

One of the only off leash dog-friendly beaches in San Diego

Wide, sandy spot with volleyball nets

Great for dog walking and beach activities

Overview & Amenities

If you travel north of Del Mar City Beach, you'll find one of the few dog-friendly beaches in San Diego where your pup can be off-leash for most of the year. Although it is mainly known as a playground for man's best friend, the San Dieguito River Mouth makes a kid-friendly wading pool as well!

  • Bike Parking
  • Dogs Allowed
  • Good for Groups
  • Good for Kids
  • Free Parking

North of Del Mar City Beach is one of just a few dog beaches in San Diego, and the locals are passionate about keeping it that way. Your pup is allowed on the beach year round, and off-leash for nine months out of the year, but must be leashed from June 16th until Labor Day. While this area is mostly known for being Fido-friendly, the San Dieguito River Mouth provides a natural wading pool that is great for children to play in.

Location & Contact


3902 29th St · Del Mar, CA · 92014