Del Mar South Beach -

Del Mar South Beach

Known For

Dog-friendly year round (as long as they are leashed)

Great for walking at low tide

Less crowded than other Del Mar beaches

Overview & Amenities

It may be hard to differentiate from the other Del Mar beaches, but it is easy to find and absolutely worth exploring. Although it is less suitable for swimming and surfing, the cliffs above it make it a very scenic beach.

  • Bike Parking
  • Dogs Allowed
  • Good for Groups
  • Good for Kids
  • Free Parking

Though it can be a bit confusing to differentiate between the Del Mar beaches, they are easy to find and walk between each one. South Beach is defined as south of Powerhouse Park all the way down to 6th Street at the southern end of Torrey Pines State Beach. This section is less popular for swimming and surfing than the neighboring Northern portion, but the high, jagged cliffs above it make for a beautiful and scenic beach walk.

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