Project Cannabis in SOMA San Francisco

Project Cannabis in SOMA San Francisco

Known For

This SOMA cannabis dispensary is our #1 choice for dispensary San Francisco.
Highly knowledgeable staff, top-shelf customer service.
Wide range of product, including including "flower" (traditional marijuana buds), pre-rolled joints, edibles, concentrate, and vape options.
You can visit their website online: Project Cannabis San Francisco.

Overview & Amenities

A sign on the wall above the exit to Project Cannabis in SOMA reads, "Don't stop believen'."

It's a Journey lyric, but it's also a great thought to carry with you as you go on about your day–hopefully with more cannabis than you had before you before.

What do you value when you shop at a dispensary? How about one where the staff is both knowledgeable and friendly?  How about a dispensary with enough variety for you to find what you're looking for? And how about a dispensary that supports local musicians?

Project Cannabis in SOMA is all of these and more. In online reviews, customers repeatedly praise the high level of customer service. The product lines they carry are versatile enough to meet every need, and they're right there on the shelves so that you can pick up and read the packaging. What's more–the dispensary's in-house brands have won award after award. Brands like ClassiX and Triple 7. And the part about the local musicians? ProjCan SOMA has provided both bands and solo artists alike with a platform to expand their audience.

Maybe it all comes back to the music.


Location & Contact


761 Bryant St. · San Francisco, CA · 94107


Thumbs up!


Stopped in for my first visit to a dispensary all the way from New York. From the first greeting at the door I was impressed. Shout out to Matthew, who walked with me, answered my questions, and helped me select the things I like. Project Cannabis is safe, clean, very well organized, and has great customer service. Thank you for a great first visit to San Francisco!!!

Thumbs up!

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Really great environment and friendly staff. It’s a professional dispensary, so they have high quality bud/everything. Jessica helped me out throughout my whole visit, even before I entered the store. She knows a lot about her job and the store, and I couldn’t be more happy that she helped me out. Other than that, everything was smooth sailing.

Thumbs up!


This place really provided for us. We had just arrived in San Francisco and forgot our weed at home. We popped into project cannabis and found a great selection and good prices! Friendly service.

Thumbs up!


Nice atmosphere, helpful and friendly staff, decent prices, and convenient location. 10/10 will shop again.

Thumbs up!


This place is awesome they have such a good selection and the budtenders are so awesome –  shout out to Nick thanks again! Prices are pretty affordable!

Thumbs up!


Was quick, easy, hassle-free. They were on time and products perfect. Delivery person had amazing energy!! Brightened up my day!!!

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