We asked AI to make San Diego Art, and here's what we got back!

We asked AI to make San Diego Art, and here’s what we got back!

We asked Midjourney AI to imagine 25+ San Diego landmarks and celebrities with tons of different prompts, styles, and adjectives. Scroll down to see what it came up with. Let us know on Instagram which one is your favorite–or let us know what we missed. Share with your friends and enjoy the images!

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If Rembrandt Painted Sunset Cliffs in a Storm

USS Midway on the 4th of July

San Diego Zoo Poster

Futuristic Aircraft Carrier in San Diego Harbor

Young Tony Gwynn

Spooky Balboa Park

If Banksy Painted a Blend of the US & Mexico flags

Hotel Del Coronado from Tron Universe

If Van Gough Paited The Gliderport

Mount Soledad Cross in Watercolor

Frida Kahlo Art You Would See at the USA – Mexico Border

Pre-Golf Course Torrey Pines Navy Racetrack

Razor House as a Super-Villan’s Secret Lair

If Pablo Picasso Painted Phillip Rivers

Kissing Sailor Statue in Post-Apocalyptic Seaport Village

The Hotel Del if it Was in Nightmare Before Christmas

Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo discovering California in 1524

Sea World Crossed with La Jolla Cove

Scripps Pier in a Storm

If La Valencia was Painted by Henry Matisse

Drawing Seals at La Jolla Cove

Pen Dot Art of Alex Morgan

Padres World Series Parade

If Salvador Dahli Painted Torrey Pines State Reserve

Tiger Woods on a Sunday at Torrey Pines

Photo Finish at the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club

La Valencia Poster

WW2 Warbird Flying by the Coronado Bridge

If Monet Painted the San Diego Skyline

Portriat of Trevor Hoffman

Tony Hawk Skating on Ocean Beach Pier

Torrey Pines State Reserve

Mystical Version of Sea World

Playoff Night at Petco Park

Watercolor of Downtown San Diego

Pencil Drawing of The Del Coronado

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