La Jolla Weather in 8 Photos: Check Out What's It's Like Year Round |

8 Photos That Prove La Jolla Weather Is The Best Year-Round

La Jolla is known for our bountiful sunshine, mild temperatures and great beach weather year round–and we’ve got proof. Check out these Instagram photos of the fantastic weather we have in La Jolla (unlike Northern California).


Valentine’s at the tidepools

Check out that sunset! Even in February you can roll up your pants and go wading at the beach. The La Jolla tide pools are incredible any time of year, but winter is an especially great time to visit; low tides mean more visibilty and access to the sealife, as well as a better chance of staying dry as you explore. Make sure to keep an eye out for slippery rocks, especially in the evening.


March breeze at Torrey Pines

Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve is a great destination year-round for a hike and or a beach day. That clear blue sky is incredible, and expect warm sunshine with a cool sea breeze! Be aware that there isn’t much tree cover on the trails, so be sure to wear sunscreen as it can be a bit tough on the skin. If you’re looking for a plan, try our Torrey Pines itinerary here.


Kayaking in September

The water is pretty mild year-round in La Jolla. Not only is it good news for beach lovers, it makes kayaking painless all year round! This image is from September, when you might even see migrating wildlife on your kayak trip. Leopard sharks(who are harmless and just do their own thing!) can be found in the warmer waves of La Jolla from June to November, with the highest peaks in July and August.


Sunny bike ride on Thanksgiving

With 263 days of sunny weather on average per year, the weather in La Jolla is always great for a day at the beach, even on Thanksgiving! There’s a lot of great bike trails in La Jolla, and several at Torrey Pines Park. Enjoy the sun on your back, the wind in your face, and the day with family and friends!


Dog-friendly weather

If your dog doesn’t like to walk in the rain, she’ll almost never have to worry in La Jolla. People take their dogs to their favorite places all year long, as the Village has many dog-friendly locations. La Jolla Shores, for example, allows dogs to be off leash in the evening (6:00 pm in the summer, and 4:00 pm in the winter). Hint: many restaurants with balcony or outdoor seating will let you bring your dog, and stores that have a water bowl outside are a good bet. Always ask staff, though.

Enjoy the weather at the Salk Institute

With a sunny and clear sky like this, take the time to go on a tour of the picturesque Salk Institute. The great view of the miles of beach below is only accentuated by the gorgeous architecture! Go for a walk around (don’t forget your camera) and consider bringing a picnic to eat on the lawn.

Visit the seals during a winter sunset

Seals are adorable! However, we don’t recommend that you get this close to the seals at the Cove no matter how cute they are, especially if you’re near Children’s Beach and it’s winter. Seal birthing season starts December 15 and goes through spring, and Children’s Beach is closed to protect the seal pups there. We’re a little surprised this person’s so bundled up, but it looks like the people in the background are doing just fine without hats and scarves in December. If you want to visit the La Jolla Cove seals, check out these 8 things to know before you go.


Christmas on the beach

Look at this adorable tree! It helps remind us that it’s winter even though the weather in Southern California might suggest otherwise. On a sunny Christmas day, bring a picnic to the park and let the wind ruffle your hair as you celebrate the holiday. Watch out for sand in your stocking.