Top San Diego Fashion Trends & What to Wear

Popular San Diego Fashion & What to Wear

When you think about San Diego, you think of the idyllic climate, the gorgeous beaches, and “The Birthplace of California.” You may be planning a visit to San Diego soon, or maybe you’re a local (lucky you). Either way, what you may not think too much about when it comes to San Diego is fashion because let’s face it, when the weather is nearly perfect year-round, you don’t have to have a wardrobe full of variety and different winter coats and mittens. But San Diego Fashion is a big thing, and we need to talk about it. 

Fashion Week San Diego happens every year and is an exciting way to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s going on in the fashion and beauty industry in San Diego. Additionally, it’s not just one week out of the year filled with runway shows; it’s a calendar of year-round events. So, no matter when your visit is, you can be sure to get involved in the excitement one way or another!

When it comes to tips and trends to keep in mind when you’re living in or visiting San Diego, you want to keep it cool and coastal, just like the city. But those two styles can be elevated and fashion-forward if that’s your vibe. To keep an eye on what’s in trend, the FWSD 2021 event in October would be the most exciting way, but you can always follow San Diego fashion bloggers of which there are plenty to choose from. 

The comforting laid back and welcoming vibe of San Diego allows for all aesthetics to seem right at home. And, as we all know, when it comes to fashion, comfort and confidence are two of the most important things you can wear. 

Choosing The Best San Diego Fashion For What to Wear

With San Diego having one of the best climates in the world, you’ll find it’s easy to pack and be comfortable no matter what time of year you’re visiting. The weather only varies an average of ten degrees between winter and summer and has very low humidity. Make sure you’re dressing in a light bottom layer, think tank tops, and breezy blouses, and have a top layer (hoodie, cardigan, jean jacket) at the ready for cooler nights. It more depends on what activities you plan on partaking in on your visit. Your best bet is to pack minimally, and if you find yourself in a pinch, there’s plenty of La Jolla boutiques you could pop in and grab what you need. 

Things you’ll need for your visit are beach essentials – sunglasses, sun hats, swimsuits, and flip flops. You’ll also want a cover-up or sarong if you plan on spending most of your time at the beach and a straw bag or tote to carry it all with you. Don’t forget your reusable water bottle, either! 

San Diego Fashion Must-Haves on What to Wear

You’re going to want to have all your beach supplies as we covered above, but you’re also going to want to have some options for going out at night – since there is so much to do in the city and the cooler and breezier nights provide a nice break from the sun during the day. Add to your packing list one or two dressier options; maybe trade your flip flops out for espadrilles and your jean shorts for a more elevated outfit. 

Where to Buy The Best San Diego Fashion?

There are plenty of San Diego fashion boutiques to choose from whether you’re visiting on your live here. Sometimes, when you’re enjoying all the sights of a new city, you may be wondering where the best place for a particular style of clothing is. Say you’re looking for the best place to buy San Diego street fashion – you could, of course, ask a local, but maybe you’re shy. If you find yourself a little nervous to ask someone else, do a quick search on your smartphone for La Jolla shopping and filter from there. You’ll be swiping your card at some fantastic shops in no time. 

One place you should check out while visiting is Prospect Street – which is not only home to a variety of boutiques, and there are some excellent art galleries sprinkled in there as well. Prospect is often referred to as the Rodeo Drive of San Diego, so if you want high-end, head there first! Ivanhoe and Herschel Avenues are two more must-stops. You’ll find not only San Diego fashion on them but darling boutiques with art and home decor as well – like Gracie James and Hi Sweetheart. 

For menswear, you definitely want to check out The Ascot Shop. Founded as a haberdashery in 1950, it still helps men wanting to look sharp stay sharp. They don’t just carry formal clothing, but casual as well and can meet all your menswear needs from literally head to toe! Junc.Life also offers great digs for both men and women. Located on Fern Street, this eclectic shop boasts a gorgeous, minimalist design, and you’re sure to find a gem or two when you stop in. 

San Diego Fashion Inspiration

If you’re planning to move to San Diego or even just planning a visit, it’s worth it to check out some San Diego fashion bloggers or influencers to get some inspiration about what to wear in town. Erica Hoida, Vanessa Balli, Jen McCall, and Erica Stolman are absolutely worth checking out as well as the account Love, Olia. 

You can also learn more about San Diego fashion trends and the best shoe stores in town by signing up for the newsletter from Fashion Week San Diego. Not only will it keep you up to date on fashion events in the area, provide inspo and links to great shopping; you’ll also be in the know for up-and-coming local designers – and who doesn’t love shopping and supporting locals?

The great thing about San Diego Fashion is that while so much of it is staples for warmer, low humidity beach fashion, you still can go high fashion and luxury while executing that look. The thing about being sartorial is it’s all about expressing your own personal style. So while following others for an idea of what’s in vogue is a great idea, you want to put your personal touch on what you’re wearing. 

So, there you have it. The bottom line is it’s just as easy to decide on San Diego fashion as it is to live in San Diego. The vibe is comfortable and idyllic, and you’ll never want to take the clothes off the same way you’ll never want to leave the city. In fact, many people who visit San Diego start house hunting before their trip is over and put plans in place to move there. Whether you’re visiting and want to shop till you drop at one of the many San Diego fashion boutiques, coming to enjoy Fashion Events in San Diego, or you want to get a feel for the city and happen to be into fashion, you’ll find you won’t be disappointed. Happy Shopping!

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