Another Eucalyptus Tree Falls at UCSD, Totals a Student's Car

Another Eucalyptus Tree Falls at UCSD, Totals a Student’s Car

This isn’t the first time a tree has fallen on the UCSD campus and caused damage. 

In 2017, a UCSD eucalyptus tree fell on a Friday afternoon in January and smashed several cars. In the fall of 2013, a branch from a tree injured a pregnant woman and a man when it fell.

And this week, a eucalyptus tree in a UCSD parking lot near Mesa housing fell and damaged four cars, one of which had just been purchased by a student.

  • Nextdoor post about UCSD tree falling

A student named Seungchul Lee wrote on the popular Nextdoor app:

“Hi neighbors, I’m an incoming graduate student from South Korea. I’d say disaster happened… my car is literally broken. I just bought a car a week ago. I exchanged [the] old one for this one and I was kind of reviewing my insurance because it doesn’t have comprehensive coverage.

“Then it happened. I called the insurance company and received [the information that] I have to pay in full by myself. UCSD says it is under investigation and if it’s not their negligence, they won’t compensate for it.

“There are 4 cars broken and can you guys tell me what I should do now?”

The tree fell Tuesday morning, Sept. 28.