100 People Showed Up to Participate in a La Jolla Bike Path Cleanup

100 People Showed Up to Participate in a La Jolla Bike Path Cleanup

For those that use the Fay Avenue/La Jolla Bike Path–whether it’s to avoid riding their bike in heavier car traffic, to walk their dog, or to just enjoy the outdoors–maintenance of the trails is greatly appreciated. 

The La Jolla Light reported that around 100 volunteers showed up on a recent Saturday in October, despite a light drizzle. Armed with rakes, shovels, snow shovels, gloves, and trash bins, the volunteers focused their efforts on both the bike path and nearby Starkey Mini Park (6673 Draper Ave.), and they attacked overgrowth and dry brush with gusto.

Some of the volunteers who rolled up their sleeves this October included Joe LaCava, a member of San Diego City Council, and James Rudolph, the La Jolla Town Council President, the Light reported.

The La Jolla Bike Path runs from the intersection of Fay Ave. and Nautilus St. on one end to Camino De La Costa on the other end (cyclists often continue on down La Jolla Hermosa Ave.). If you were commuting by bicycle, your alternatives often place you in heavy traffic or roads without bike lanes. Not all of the bike path is paved, but the ground is smooth enough that even a road bike should be able to navigate it without difficulty. (In other words, you don’t need a mountain bike for it.)

Who is behind this type of volunteer effort? Typically, the Kiwanis Club of La Jolla and La Jolla Parks & Beaches are involved in the organization and execution of events like this. To find out how you can get involved in the beautification of public areas in La Jolla, email lajollaparksandbeaches@gmail.com.