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Upcoming San Diego Storms Could Bring Rain, Lightning to Region

A pair of back-to-back San Diego storms could drop more than two inches of rain across the region, and also potentially bring thunder and lightning.

According to the National Weather Service, current forecasts are predicting 2.25 inches of rain from the San Diego coast — such as downtown La Jolla — to the inland valleys. The mountains could get as much as 4 inches of rain.

The first storm, which is set to be weaker, is expected to arrive on Monday afternoon and last into Tuesday, bringing sporadic rain showers to most of the county.

However, the second storm system will arrive in Southern California on Wednesday and bring up to 3 inches of rain, with the heaviest drops expected north of downtown San Diego. This storm will also pick up unstable air on its way down, which could result in thunderstorms throughout the week.

Although the mountains are expected to see the most rain and are some of the best places to see snow in San Diego County, the pair of storms will be relatively warm. That means that there it isn’t likely that there will be snowfall.

Forecasters expect that the storms could bring San Diego’s total seasonal rainfall back up to normal levels.

So far this season, the region has been drier than usual for San Diego weather in December. Since the rainy season started on Oct. 1, San Diego International Airport has only seen 0.62 inches of precipitation, a full 1.45 inches below average.

Despite the storms, San Diego weather in December is generally mild and warm compared to many other places in the country — making it the perfect escape from snow and harsh weather.

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