Newly Revised San Diego Street Vendor Rules to Crack Down on Loopholes -

Newly Revised San Diego Street Vendor Rules to Crack Down on Loopholes

This week, local officials cracked down on street vending with the introduction of newly revised San Diego street vendor rules.

On Tuesday, the San Diego City Council unanimously approved a new enforcement framework that it believes will help restore the classic look and feel of popular tourist areas that have seen a surge in vendors in recent years, according to NBC 7 San Diego.

Back in 2022, the City passed implemented San Diego street vendor rules that were seen as a partial crackdown. However, critics of the ordinance indicated that it was easy for vendors to circumvent the rules because of free speech protections.

The new rules close that loophole by strictly defining what protections for free speech apply to. During the meeting on Tuesday, officials presented examples of “pure speech” that would still be able to operate.

  • Speaking on a street corner or distributing brochures about political, ideological or religious topics
  • Art sales and art creation
  • Distribution or sale of books, music, paintings, photographs, sculpture or CDs or recordings created by the person selling the items
  • Street performances and busking
  • Face painting or henna tattoos

Examples of activities that are not protected by the new San Diego street vendor rules include:

  • Sales of handcrafts like jewelry and pottery
  • Sales of personal care products, including makeup, lotion, perfume, incense and incense burners
  • Sales of mass-produced items, including clothing and hats
  • Food sales
  • Teaching exercise, yoga, or dog training classes

As with the previous rules, the restrictions only apply to areas such as Balboa Park and San Diego beaches, which include many of the public spaces in La Jolla.

The new ordinance has not yet been approved, and it won’t technically go into effect unless Mayor Todd Gloria signs it into law later this year.

Media credit: Image licensed from Adobe