Sushi Maru: Inside San Diego's Hidden & Exclusive Sushi Bar -

Sushi Maru: Inside San Diego’s Hidden & Exclusive Sushi Bar

Sushi Maru is a new sushi restaurant that combines deliciously crafted rolls with an exclusive, chef-curated experience. Here’s what you should know.

Technically, the new spot is an omakase restaurant, which translates to “chef’s choice” in Japanese. Basically, you won’t be ordering your own food here — you’re left in the very capable and expert hands of the chef.

Each experience at Sushi Maru is out of this world, too. Over a two-hour period, you’ll be treated to more than 20 courses, which include small appetizers, four to five nigiri sushi, a warm delicious dish, and a series of other nigiri plates.

From the very Zen and exclusive interior to the expertly crafted tasting menu, everything at Sushi Maru has been tailored to exhibit the Japanese concept of “wa” — or a brief respite from the bustle of everyday life.

The rolls at Sushi Maru are incredibly authentic, and fresh. Reportedly, nothing fried will be on the menu.

As you might expect from a restaurant focused on simplicity, the ingredients are of a spectacular quality. Sushi Maru will receive deliveries of fresh seafood from Japan every two days, and it sources its vegetables and other ingredients from local sustainable farms in San Diego.

Although the chef — Tsuyoshi Maruyama — will be making all of the sushi decisions, he is very much someone you can trust. For most of his career, he headed up Taka Sushi in the Gaslamp Quarter. For this project, he’s working with Yoshinari Ichise, who runs Ramen Ryoma in Hillcrest and Pacific Beach.

All of this is to say that Sushi Maru should certainly be top sushi restaurants you should try.

For additional details and reservations, check out the restaurant’s website.

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