Complete Guide to Finding CBD in Tempe

As the non-psychoactive part of the cannabis plant, CBD (also known as cannabidiol) has been increasing in popularity across the world. Because it has been shown to help with a wide variety of health conditions – such as epilepsy, anxiety, and even chronic pain – the demand for it is understandably on the rise.  It […]

Complete Guide to Finding CBD in Hollywood

CBD–the more socially accepted sister to cannabis–has been a budding hemp product on the market in recent years. CBD was discovered in 1940, though it wasn’t until 2018–when the Agriculture Improvement Act was passed–that it became a commonly used yet still not so widely accepted drug. This act legalized the farming of industrial hemp to […]

Complete Guide to Finding CBD in San Francisco

There is no denying that CBD in San Francisco is booming in recent years. With a projection of yielding $16 billion by 2025, CBD has understandably become a popular addition to dispensary shelves, fancy lattes, and health and wellness boutiques in select states. Thankfully, California residents–of age, of course–can access CBD without a problem.  CBD […]

Complete Guide to Finding CBD in Utah

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a cannabis-derived chemical that studies have shown can have positive effects on everything from anxiety to pain. So how do you get CBD in Utah? The answer can be a bit more complicated than you might think. CBD hasn’t always been legal in the state, owing to its cannabis and hemp […]

Celebrating 420 in San Francisco: Events, Hotels & Dispensaries

420 has become a notorious holiday that is celebrated by cannabis lovers nationwide annually on–you guessed it–4/20. With April 20th being right around the corner, we highly recommend you have a game plan for how you’ll be spending your 420 in San Francisco–whether you seek to participate in the festivities or not. Due to the […]

Celebrating 420 in San Diego: Events, Hotels & Dispensaries

With the upcoming 420 celebrations, you may be looking for ways to celebrate in a fun, safe way throughout San Diego. And for those looking to celebrate 420 in San Diego, there are plenty of events to choose from throughout the area.  Let’s quickly digress for a moment. If you are asking, is weed legal […]

Is Arizona 420-Friendly? What You Need to Know Before Lighting Up

As many watch with great anticipation, the legalization of marijuana continues to spread from state to state. Currently, each state government has the right to create laws to restrict the growth, cultivation, sale, and use of marijuana and marijuana products within its own borders.  Arizona is no different. The good news is that Arizona is […]

Looking for Dispensaries Near Chase Center, CA? Here’s Our List

San Francisco has been leading movements in the social acceptance of drugs since the Summer of Love days back in 1967. San Francisco weed enthusiasts saw the light of day in November 2016 when Prop 64–the Adult Use of Marijuana Act–made weed legal for recreational use. Since then, the cannabis space has been a budding […]

Dispensaries in North Hollywood

Home to one of the trendiest neighborhoods in Los Angeles, the NoHo Arts District in North Hollywood is only about a ten-minute drive from bustling Hollywood Boulevard. Bordered by neighborhoods like Sun Valley, Burbank, and Toluca Lake, it manages to harbor one of the fastest-growing art communities without losing its distinct down-to-earth vibe. Nearly six […]

Dispensaries Near Universal Studios Hollywood 

While it is a neighborhood synonymous with glamor, show-business, and the entertainment industry, Hollywood is also an integral part of the recreational weed culture in Los Angeles. The boom of recreational and medicinal weed dispensaries since the legalization has led to numerous dispensaries across the city.  However, while you may have your choice in options, […]