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San Diego Approves Ordinance, Placing a Cap on Whole-Home Short-Term Rentals

The San Diego City Council has officially approved a new short-term rental ordinance that will place a cap on the number of rentals in the city’s housing stock. Under the ordinance, the vacation rental stock will be cut in about half. No more than 5,400 whole-home rental units will be permitted as short-term vacation rentals, […]

The Best Military Discounts for Things to Do in San Diego

Between beaches and burritos, there are a lot of attractions that make San Diego one of the most treasured locales in the United States. But America’s Finest City is also prized for being home to several military bases—including Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton and Naval Base Coronado. Appreciative of this central hotspot of national protection, […]

24 Best California Burrito Spots in San Diego

While Mexico might be home to the most grub-worthy burritos, it isn’t the only place you’ll find authentic Mexican food. In fact, San Diego has become a hub for Mexican delicacies due to its geographical vicinity to the border, and let us tell you that the Mexicali fusion foods in San Diego do not disappoint.  […]

Guide to the Best Mobile IV Therapy in San Diego

The popularity of vitamin IV therapy has soared in popularity in recent years, though you don’t have to travel to a wellness center to get the treatment yourself. Vitamin IV therapy, or vitamin intravenous therapy, is a treatment that involves using a needle and drip bag to deliver hydration, vitamins, and minerals to the body. […]

Top 16 Engagement Photo Locations in San Diego

San Diego is known for being a beautiful city to visit, but it also happens to be one of the best places in the country for an engagement photoshoot. That’s partly because of San Diego’s natural beauty and landscape and partly because of the diversity of locations. There’s everything from forests to beaches to mountains […]

Best Places for Snowbirds to Winter

If you have the chance to experience the best of what North America has to offer in terms of climate, scenery, and culture, why not enjoy that opportunity?  That freedom is the essence of what snowbirding means!    What is a Snowbird? A simple Snowbird definition is someone who moves from the north to avoid the […]

Legendary Hot Pot Chain Haidilao Lands in San Diego With New Westfield UTC Location

Haidilao, the largest hot pot chain in China, has finally opened the doors to its new restaurant location at Westfield UTC near La Jolla. The chain, which originated in China’s Sichuan province, maintains more than 1,500 locations worldwide. However, the Westfield UTC restaurant is the company’s first in San Diego, according to Eater San Diego. […]

Copacking in San Diego

New businesses have a lot to think about. How will they make their products en masse? How will they package them? How will they label them quickly, efficiently, and correctly? All of these questions can be answered by using a copacker.  Many businesses use outsourcing for things like marketing, branding, writing, and even customer service. […]

Best U.S. Cities for Remote Workers

According to Forbes, 25% of professional jobs in the US are worked from home offices.  This trend is expected to grow in the future, especially if you factor in freelance workers conducting business from home, or small businesses operating in residences rather than brick and mortar buildings.   Remote work isn’t a new trend. However, the […]