San Diego Weather in November: What's the Weather Like?

San Diego Weather in November

You might think that the perfect time to visit La Jolla (or anywhere in San Diego County, for that matter) would be the summertime. Depending on your personal preferences, you may be correct. But, the reality is, San Diego weather monthly– every month–is almost perfect. The average temperature in San Diego during November is around seventy degrees, at the upper end of the spectrum, or fifty-four degrees, at the lower end. For many of us, this sounds completely perfect for all sorts of November activities. So let’s take a look at some reasons that autumn may be the ideal time for you and your family to visit La Jolla. 

What is the Weather like in San Diego in November? 

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You can expect the weather in San Diego in November to be pleasant and mild. While it will be warm enough during the day to enjoy local sights and attractions in warm weather clothing, you can cuddle up in fall wardrobe essentials, enjoying the lower temperatures during the evening around a fire pit with friends and family. Weather like this makes for long gorgeous days and relaxing, cozy nights, which you can’t ask for much more while vacationing. Especially if you’re visiting from a colder climate like the Northeast, the weather will be a literal breath of fresh air during your West Coast getaway. 

Is San Diego Warm in November? 

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If you’re planning a visit to La Jolla during the autumn, you may be wondering: Is San Diego nice in November? As mentioned above, it’s absolutely warm during the day–subjectively speaking. If you’re used to tropical climates or already living in a high state that sees high summer heat, you may not consider San Diego to be too warm in November. With a high in the mid to low seventies, it’s pleasant. Warm for sure, but ideally so. 

Is November a Good Time to Visit San Diego? 

Absolutely! You really can’t go wrong when visiting California, as it’s a state that enjoys a comfortable preview of all seasons. We may not have a blistering winter with snow, though it has happened a time or two–the last time being in 1990. Generally, in the deep winter months (December and January), you’re more likely to experience rainfall, not snow. Overall, La Jolla weather is more Mediterranean–which can’t be beaten.  

If scheduling doesn’t permit you to visit La Jolla during November, you can get the same outstanding weather planning your getaway during another fall month. San Diego weather in October  is absolutely gorgeous! You can expect the same moderate temperatures – remaining in the seventies. You also have fewer clouds in October which is nice to take in all the breathtaking views surrounding you while you’re here. October is the perfect month to visit if you’re looking to stay active while here. The bike riding, hiking, and beach-going are second to none in La Jolla, so booking for October prime time for those types of outdoor activities. And again, with the weather remaining in the seventies and having cooler evenings, can you think of a better way to relax in the cool evening air after working up a sweat and staying healthy during the day? That’s right; you can’t! So, while San Diego weather in November is beautiful, if you’re looking to get physical on your trip, October may be a better fit for you. 

Can You Go to the Beach in November in San Diego? 

November in San Diego
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It may be obvious to you that September San Diego weather completely lends itself to heading to the ocean; you need to know that you can absolutely, most definitely, go to the beach in November weather in San Diego! While the average daily temperature in San Diego in November will be mid to low sixties, we do see an occasional maximum temperature of ninety degrees, even in November! So, it’s beach weather even as Thanksgiving is approaching. It’s not uncommon to see plenty of people still enjoying the beaches and oceans in San Diego weather during Thanksgiving breaks.  

Is it Warm Enough to Swim in San Diego in November?

We’ve already touched a lot on how fantastic and idyllic the weather is in La Jolla year-round, but what about the water temperature? We’ve all gone to the beach on a hot day only to dip our toes in and find the water still a little too cold and want to dip in and swim. Well, you’ll be happy to learn that the average temperature of the seawater of November weather in San Diego is the mid-sixties. Which, many would agree, is perfect for relaxing in. In fact, with it being so close to the average outdoor temperature, it’s an easy transition from land to sea, which makes for a pleasant and preferred way to enjoy the beach for most people. So, it’s a resounding yes! The water is perfect; come on in!

What Is There to Do in San Diego in November? 

November in San Diego - Breeder's Cup
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We’ve covered a lot of bases on how much there is to enjoy simply being in La Jolla during the autumn. Not only are there gorgeous vistas, beaches, and the sea to enjoy, plenty of opportunities for healthy outdoor activities, there are local events to enjoy during November as well. Debuting in 2017, the Breeders Cup World Championships is heading into its fifth year in San Diego this November. Taking place at Del Mar–one of the world’s most iconic racing venues–it’s a two-day event of international horse racing. You don’t have to be a horse enthusiast to enjoy the event nor another equestrian event taking place in November in San Diego. The Del Mar Bing Crosby Season is the fall horse season every Friday through Sunday and Thanksgiving. Every Saturday, you can catch live music and great food and drinks at La Dolce Vita. 

Not to mention the numerous parks – from state and local to the theme and aquatic parks that you can still visit during the autumn, there is so much to do. If you are interested in nightlife, the November temperature lends itself to being able to dress your best and feel comfortable in the moderately cooler weather and not sweating off your look just to have a good time. There’s never a dull moment in La Jolla if you’re looking to stay entertained; there’s plenty of options to find easily online to suit your needs for the day or night during your visit.

Temperature in November 

Overall, with the temperature being so complimentary to most activities, you get a chance to really explore San Diego comfortably. Popular places to eat during a visit like Belly Up have been around forever and have even been written up in Rolling Stone. So, feed the rocker in your (or your group) there. If you’re looking for something a little more elegant and enjoying the weather by eating outdoors, try Julep, Tidal, or Covewood. Really, anywhere you go will just be complemented by the weather no matter what you’re doing! The San Diego weather during Thanksgiving is also a great time to enjoy the zoo and other outdoor parks because it’s so mild. This is especially true if you’re bringing young children into town to visit with family for a holiday. It’s a real treat for the whole family, and the San Diego Zoo is world-renowned.

Humidity in November 

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Luckily, San Diego weather in November has the least humidity than any other month of the year. Things are mild and make for the perfect time to enjoy Small Business Saturdays in La Jolla. Shopping Small is a great way to help your local community every day, so why not help the local communities you visit and take advantage of the perfect November weather to tour downtown and support locals!

Sunshine in November

You’re going to get plenty of sunshine no matter when you visit La Jolla, so don’t despair if you’re booking your visit for November. It will be in abundance, and you’ll get the spectacular views as clouds and any morning fog will have burned off by early afternoon!

Wind in November 

With the highest wind indexes in La Jolla being in April and the calmest in October, you don’t have to worry about wind-disrupting weather in San Diego, California, in November. You’re looking at a max of about 5 miles per hour winds. That’s a pleasant breeze to stroll through if you ask anyone!

Rainfall in November 

It’s true, and rain can sometimes be a bummer when you’re planning a trip that isn’t to Seattle, right? So you may be wondering, “Does it rain a lot in San Diego in November?” The answer quite simply is–no. Not up until the very end of the month, as you approach December, your average daily chance of rain in November is under fifteen percent. Whew! So, any plans you may have for events can be made confidently. Rest assured, there are plenty of indoor dining and event spaces should it happen to rain one day, though briefly.

Clouds in November 

November in San Diego
Clouds off La Jolla Shore. Image courtesy of @hoytjsmith

It’s not too cloudy in La Jolla during November. Again, as you approach the end of the month and inch towards December, you may see more overcast days, but the beach should be bright and not too overcast at all. Water temperatures will be the high fifties to low sixties, perfect for dipping toes in.

Ocean Temperature In November 

If the ocean, as mentioned above, temperatures are too cold for your liking in November weather in San Diego, have no fear! It’s still perfectly temperate weather to walk along the beach. Providing a relaxing scene, you’ll never forget as you make memories solo or with family on your trip.

Daylight in November

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San Diego weather monthly is pretty fabulous no matter what time of year you’re visiting. Your average amount of daylight in San Diego weather in November is around thirteen hours, over half the day. So you have plenty of time to do your sunrise yoga and catch an after-dinner walk while watching the sunset. 

The Last Word on November in San Diego

Overall, there is literally not a wrong time to visit La Jolla in San Diego. San Diego weather during November makes it the perfect time to come for those who are seeking a less tourist-filled visit and those who want to enjoy the San Diego weather during Thanksgiving with family they may have in the area. When you decide to visit, rest assured the weather will be like almost nowhere else you can experience in the country. Add to that the endless possibilities of places to explore, eat, shop and experience, you’ll have the time of your life!

The banner photo for this article of La Jolla in November is from IG user @ChasingSoCalPhotos