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3 Desserts in La Jolla Sweet-Lovers Must Try

What’s The Best Dessert In La Jolla You Ask?

Afternoon sweet. Post-dinner delight. Late-night indulgence. Sugary delights and sweets for catering at an event. Desserts are not simply delicious; they are a way to take a break and treat yourself from everyday errands and business. From classics like ice cream to hand-made cakes, La Jolla has a splendid variety of ways to satisfy your sweet tooth. Here are a few of our favorites!

Perfectly Baked Sweets From Sugar & Scribe On Fay

If you love chocolate, cakes, cookies, muffins, croissants, and more be prepared to take a bite and be speechless. Sugar & Scribe has thrust its way into many La Jolla Favorites lists since they opened and haven’t slowed down a bit. Located on Fay Ave, this bakery serves up great food but divinity in the form of sweets is at your disposable anytime, just look at them!

Cookies From Girard Gourmet

A sweet treat from Girard Gourmet is always a perfect endcap once you finish a bowl of their soup, a handmade sandwich, or something baked like a quiche that Girard Gourmet does so well. Even if lunch or breakfast isn’t on your to-do list, having a cookie or mini pie from here should be. Visibile from the sidewalk of Girard Avenue are the always playful frosted cookies baked fresh. Whether it’s a seal or a holiday character like the Easter Bunny in Spring or a pumpkin near Halloween time in La Jolla, these cookies taste great all year round.

If your looking for something with a few more ingredients we recommend a cowboy cookie or hope you’re lucky enough to pop in on a day mini rhubarb pies are for sale!

Gelato at Bobboi Natural Gelato Near The Cove

This is an excellent spot to go with a large group because, with so many flavors of ice cream, everyone will find something to satisfy their taste buds. They have classics like strawberry and chocolate, as well as rare, unique combinations like pineapple basil and kibana (kiwi and banana in one.)

Lactose-intolerant? No problem! This spot offers dairy-free sorbets, as well. Located steps from Scripps park, this is the perfect spot to hop into before or after your stroll around the La Jolla Cove.

Bonus Dessert! Half-Baked Chocolate Cake at Nine-Ten On Prospect

Whether you’ve enjoyed a three-course meal at this fine dining establishment or are simply in the mood for an elegant dessert, the Grande Colonial hotel’s famous Nine-Ten restaurant has fantastic options. The half-baked chocolate cake could not be more freshly made; it is served hot from the oven. This moist, rich cake is covered in a thick layer of sinful caramel, on top of which a large scoop of ice cream or whipped cream is decadently placed. Because the cake’s base is still piping hot from baking, the cake’s high temperature melts the whipped cream quite rapidly. We, therefore, recommend selecting the more sturdy ice cream, which melts slowly and adds a cool touch with each bite.

Did you love banana splits as a child? We also recommend trying the banana almond tart here at Nine-Ten; this sweet-quenching creation is the ultimate grown-up version of the childhood favorite.

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