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5 Easy Ways to Tan Not Burn

Southern California is known for its surf, Mexican food and residents who are gloriously tan; dream of being one of them? So many of us have laid out only to find ourselves tomato red. Here’s an easy skincare guide on how to avoid sunburns and gain a golden glow instead.

1. Be Patient

Laying out for a whole day straight is a fast way to get lobster skin rather than a glowing tan. You have to train day-by-day to run a full marathon, right?

2. Take it in turns

Flip over every 10 to 15 minutes; this will give each side a break from the rays and a chance to soak up the sunshine it just received.

3. Prime Time

The best way to tan is gradually. We recommend laying out for about an hour a day, just enough to built up the tan safely without BBQ-ing yourself. Too much sun is very dangerous and increases your risks of getting skin cancer, so make sure not to overdo it.

5. Drink agua

Did you know that your skin tans faster if it’s hydrated? Just one more reason to drink lots of water! Make sure to have a bottle with you and drink plenty of water before and throughout your tanning session.

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