Great Decor Options To Light Up Your Nighttime Outdoor Wedding -

Great Decor Options To Light Up Your Nighttime Outdoor Wedding

Planning a wedding under the stars? There’s something magical about getting married at night in a destination as beautiful as California. The crisp evening breeze, starry skies, and beautiful landscapes really set the tone for a romantic affair. The only thing that can make the day even better (outside of the attendance of your loved ones) are the right decorations. Wedding decor helps to tie in the theme and send the event over the top. Here are some ideas that are sure to make your nighttime wedding shine!

Strings of Lights

Adding illumination to your wedding is a great way to brighten up the evening. Strings of lights, such as those you’d use around the holidays are perfect for an outdoor wedding. They come in various colors and styles to tie in with your theme. You can hang them from trees, shrubbery, or overhead in your wedding tent.


Lanterns are another nice touch to consider for your outdoor wedding. They can be placed throughout the venue to help light up the night skies. Adding a lantern at the end of each row of chairs for the wedding ceremony can serve as a great touch for the aisles. It gives a romantic vibe as the bridal party walks down.

If you really want to light up the skies at your wedding ceremony, you might also consider floating lanterns. You and your guests can light the lanterns, make a wish for the bride and groom, and cast them into the air. The view is really amazing and the symbolism quite special.

Wedding Sparklers

You can’t have too much light and sparkle with an outdoor evening wedding. Create a little shine and shimmer with wedding sparklers. You can buy individual sparklers for attendees to hold as the bride and groom exit the ceremony as husband and wife. There are other sparklers for weddings that can add to your outdoor wedding decor like bottle sparklers. You can add them to the champagne bottles and hand them out to tables right before it’s time for the toasts. Wedding sparklers are quickly becoming one of the hottest wedding trends. You can either choose to use 36 inch or 20 inch sparklers for weddings. Either choice is a no brainer and sparklers are very affordable and help take amazing pictures. Wedding Sparklers will end your wedding night in style!


If there’s one decor item that screams love and romance it’s candles. Candles are commonly included in the wedding theme and add a nice personal touch. A great way to use them would be to incorporate them with your reception table centerpieces. You could use the candle as the base and surround it with flowers, or get creative with floating candles.

Fire Pits

Getting married during cooler seasons? Fire pits are a great wedding decor item and they can help to keep the chill off you and your guests. You can invest in one large pit or purchase a few smaller ones to place around the venue.

Floating Lights

If your outdoor wedding happens to be near a pool, light it up with beautiful floating lights. They come in an array of sizes, shapes, and colors and can easily be accompanied by floating flowers. They help to add more light to the evening and also look awesome as they reflect on the water.

Moon and Stars Decor

When it comes to decor, outdoor wedding ideas really sparkle when you have your ceremony under the stars.  Incorporating the theme of the moon and stars can elevate the romantic ambiance of your nighttime wedding. Consider using crescent moon-shaped props or hanging decorative stars around your venue.

Fairy Lights in Jars

For a touch of whimsy, consider using mason jars filled with fairy lights. They give off a soft glow and can be used to line the aisles or even as table centerpieces. When combined with flowers or other natural elements, the jars exude a dreamy feel – putting your outdoor wedding decor over the top.

Glow-in-the-Dark Decor

Stir in a little fun with glow-in-the-dark decorations. They could be glow sticks, which guests can wear, or even glow-in-the-dark paint that can be applied to certain decor elements. This will surely amuse guests, especially the younger ones.

Outdoor Wedding Decor - Glow in the Dark Ideas

Projected Light Patterns

Consider hiring a professional to project enchanting patterns or visuals onto the walls or ground. This can range from celestial patterns to your initials or any design that fits your wedding theme.

Pathway Lights

If your venue has pathways or a significant walking area, illuminate them with pathway lights. This outdoor decor for wedding guests is a brilliant idea. Not only are they practical, ensuring that guests can safely navigate the venue, but they also add a touch of functional elegance and style to the setting.

Lighted Canopies or Arches

These structures can serve as a significant piece of your wedding decor. A lighted arch could be the perfect backdrop for your vows, while lighted canopies might serve as a dreamy dining area or dance floor. They can be adorned with strings of lights and lanterns or even be interwoven with flowers and greenery.

Laser Light Show

For a more modern and energetic feel, consider having a short laser light show. This can be done as part of your dance segment or to mark a significant moment in the event. Oh, and don’t forget to get your free wedding website so you can showcase and share your dazzling light show with friends and family.

Moroccan Lamps

For those wanting an exotic touch, Moroccan lamps or Turkish lamps can be hung or placed around the venue. They cast intricate shadow patterns and add a touch of elegance and mystique to the surroundings.

Interactive Lighting

Consider having interactive light installations where the lights react to movement or sound. This not only serves as decor but also as entertainment.

Outdoor Wedding Decor - Interactive Light Show

Things Not to Forget at an Outdoor Nighttime Wedding

1. Weather Backup Plan

You might be dreaming of a perfect starry night, but nature can be unpredictable. It’s essential to have a backup plan in case of rain, strong winds, or any other unforeseen weather issues. This could be an alternative indoor venue, tents, or marquees.

2. Adequate Power Supply

All those beautiful lights and decorations for an outdoor wedding need power. Ensure there’s an adequate and stable power source or generators to keep everything lit throughout the event.

3. Bug Repellents

When considering decor, outdoor wedding plans can quickly go awry with pesky pests. The beauty of an outdoor setting often comes with tiny unwanted guests: bugs and mosquitoes. Stock up on bug repellents, consider citronella candles, or even have a bug spray station.

4. Sound Equipment

Sound can get lost outdoors, especially if there’s a breeze. Ensure you have high-quality microphones and speakers so all guests can hear the vows and music.

5. Comfort Amenities

Consider the comfort of your guests. Offer blankets if it’s chilly, fans if it’s a bit warm, or even umbrellas if there’s a chance of drizzle.

6. Restroom Facilities

Not all outdoor venues come equipped with restrooms. If your chosen location doesn’t have facilities, consider renting high-quality portable restrooms.

7. Lighting Safety

While lighting adds beauty, it also needs to be safe. Ensure all wires are covered or elevated to prevent tripping hazards. Also, ensure that any open flames, like candles or fire pits, are placed safely away from foot traffic and flammable materials.

8. Path Markings

While planning decor, outdoor wedding decorations aren’t the only factor to consider – you need to make navigation for guests appealing and clear too. With reduced visibility at night, clearly mark paths and uneven surfaces to prevent accidents. Ropes, lanterns, or pathway lights can guide guests safely.

9. Food and Drink Considerations

Ensure food is covered to prevent bugs from getting to it. Additionally, if you’re serving cold items, ensure they remain cold, especially in warmer climates.

10. Clear Signage

With the vastness of outdoor spaces, clear signs can guide guests to different areas such as the dining area, dance floor, or restrooms.


Outdoor weddings really are amazing. With nature as the backdrop, brides are able to design truly romantic ceremonies. Of all the things to add to your wedding planning checklist, don’t forget lighting. Lighting is a very important element to the design and it helps to illuminate the rest of the decor. If you’re planning a night time wedding, these decor items are easy to incorporate into any theme making your special day shine just as bright as your future.