How to Pack a Suitcase in Less than 45 Minutes |

How to Pack a Suitcase in Less than 45 Minutes

It’s easy to pack a suitcase quickly, as long as you have a strategy. Here 12 top tips for packing at the speed of light…well, under 45 minutes.

1. Hire someone to pack for you.

2. If #1 is not an option, let’s go to #2.

How to do pack a suitcase in less than 45 minutes all by yourself.

3. Give yourself a time limit for selecting.

If you’re only going away for a weekend, you probably don’t need 4 skirts. Give yourself 2 minutes to choose when torn between a few options.

4. Start with must-bring goods.

Undergarments, socks, pajamas, toiletries like deodorant. These type of must-haves are easy to pick items. Plus, as they’re necessary, after packing you’ll see how much space you realistically have left.

5. Pick your traveling outfit.

No one wants to wear tight denim on a plane. Make sure to set aside loose, comfy clothing that’ll make your drive, flight or other transport enjoyable.

6. Select staples that can match with everything.

Jeans, a solid colored skirt, a scarf that can pair with anything, etc.

7. What type of trip are you going on? Pack essentials for that.

Ex: Beach Vacation will need bathing suit, sunscreen, cover up and hat.

8. Special add ons.

Ex: If you want to bring some select jewelry, evaluate how much room you have left and incorporate.

9. Get specific on shoes.

Narrowing down to just one or two pairs of shoes can be hard, I know. But realistically, there’s only many shoes one can wear and they take up a disturbing amount of room.

10. Any electronic needs?

Make sure to bring your phone charger and, if you’re going to a foreign country, a plug convertor(s) as needed.

12. Do a final check.

In your head, do a walk through of the activities you’re engaging in. Need a water bottle for hiking? Documents like tickets for a Broadway show printed? Sometimes, it all lies in the final details.

11. Put together your on-the-go bag.

This is the bag can be an accessible carry-on for the plane or a bag for taking around at your destination. Put in some fun, grab handy items like a book, chapstick and sunglasses.

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