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6 Ways to Reduce Pet Anxiety During Your San Diego Vacation

For many people, a San Diego vacation sounds like a dream come true.  It’s a time to look forward to resting, relaxing, and leaving the responsibilities of day-to-day life behind. But, one responsibility that many don’t want to leave back home is their furry family members. Traveling in San Diego is sublime, but it does come with enough stress of its own, from curating the perfect packing list to dealing with layovers – and not to mention jetlag. That said, you don’t have to let your pets feel the stress and travel that comes with anxiety. Even though they don’t have the same mental checklist for traveling that you do, they still get stressed by the different sights, sounds, and smells. If you’ve got a trip to San Diego coming up and you’re bringing your pet, keep reading for ways to reduce pet anxiety during your San Diego vacation

Fear Free Travel Devices

One of pet owners’ biggest concerns about bringing their dog or cat along for the journey is keeping them fear-free. But, they may also be concerned about giving their pets medication to calm them down and are looking for something to physically comfort them. Accomplishing fear-free pet travel is easy with a vest that can hug your dog and provides the same benefits as swaddling a baby to a crate that keeps your pet stationary and in a safe environment. Ensure you get the right size crate for your animal’s weight and height, so they have room to move but still feel safe and won’t be affected by the car’s movement or the plane’s turbulence. 


CBD oil has been in the limelight for several years for human consumption due to its ability to help with pain and inflammation, mood disorders, stress, and anxiety. Maybe you’re already giving your dog CBD for arthritis and know they tolerate it well. Discussing with your veterinarian which dose would help travel anxiety could make all the difference in their comfort during the journey. Cats can also be given CBD but are more sensitive to it than dogs, so make sure you consult your cat’s vet and do a test run with dosing at home before your trip. 

Reducing Pet Anxiety During Your San Diego Vacation
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Aromatherapy is for dogs, as cats are too sensitive and can’t metabolize essential oils. However, aromatherapy has been shown in numerous studies to be beneficial for dogs for a variety of health issues, stress and anxiety included. While you can’t plug an oil diffuser in on a plane or in a car, you can put a small amount on a bandana and put it around your puppy’s neck. Essential oils that have effectively reduced anxiety in dogs are lavender, cedarwood, and frankincense. 


While this suggestion is for the peace of mind of pet parents, it bears mentioning when discussing pets and travel anxiety. If you adopted your cat or dog from a local shelter, chances are, they’re already microchipped. If you don’t know your pet’s microchip status, your vet can quickly examine your pet to let you know. Microchipping assures that if you were separated from your pet during your journey, you could easily locate them and be reunited. That means no matter where you go in San Diego, you can have peace of mind knowing you can locate your pet.

Prescription Strength Medicine

Not every animal tolerates CBD or more natural routes of sedation, but it does great with prescription medications. Additionally, as the pet owner, you may feel more comfortable with a tried and tested medication than something more natural. No matter how you end up on the prescription page, these medications are safe, effective, and worth conversing with your veterinarian. Even if you decide to go with more holistic options, luck favors the prepared, and having a prescription for your beloved pet on hand can come in handy if their travel anxiety gets the best of them during your San Diego vacation

Creature Comforts

In the same way, you wouldn’t dream of hopping on a plane or heading out on a road trip to San Diego with your baby or toddler without their favorite blanket or pacifier; make sure you have all the comforts your pet turns to at home with you during travel. Their favorite plushie toy, or maybe a blanket or shirt that smells like you, can make all the difference in their stress levels. 

In conclusion, traveling with your pet doesn’t have to be stressful for you or them by incorporating the above ways to reduce their anxiety. We hope these ways to reduce pet anxiety during your San Diego vacation results in a brilliant time for you and your baby! Happy trails!

The banner image in this article is provided courtesy of the San Diego Humane Society

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