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Restaurants in La Jolla


You’re looking for good quality food that is unique and, because you’re at one of the most picturesque seasides in California, sitting a table with a view is probably a high priority. There are establishments here in La Jolla, Ca, serving some of the finest hand crafted meals in America, as well as more laid back eateries ideal for grabbing notable meals.

Fine Dining:

For the finest of La Jolla fine dining, George’s at the Cove is the classic choice. It’s been ranked as one of the top 100 restaurants in all of the United States. This is a venue that entices people who don’t consider food as simply food; they see it as an art.

Slightly less known fine dining gems include The Marine Room, Tapenade Room, Eddie V’s Prime Seafood and Nine-Ten. Being by the water lets these venues offer the highest caliber of lobster, crab, shrimp and fish, which is why we recommend trying as much seafood in La Jolla as possible! Pair the first class ingredients with wonderful atmosphere and excellent service, and you have yourself some truly top notch restaurants. Eddie V’s, like George’s at the Cove, gets an especially high thumbs up for its ocean view.

More Casual Eateries:

There are times you’re seeking a casual beach day and a denim-short vibe matching restaurant to go with it. Never fear; there are plenty of places where your flip flops are welcome. Funky spots like The Promiscuous Fork and mouthwatering burger joints like Burger Lounge or Coffee Cup are here for your casual dining needs. (Not only do these provide delicious sustenance to power you through hiking and surfing, they offer meat-free options for all their vegetarian visitors.)

Cafes & Coffee Shops:

Here you’ll find your favorite chains like Starbucks, where you can order your usual tall mocha and extra espresso shot with ease. For something different and unique, venture outside your comfort zone and try some splendid local La Jolla spots. Grab a cup of joe and some breakfast at Harry’s Coffee Shop or sample a locally roasted brew from Bird Rock Coffee Roasters.

On A Budget:

If you’re especially cost-conscious, we understand you still want to eat great food! That’s why we’ve put together a list of top spots for budget-friendly food, prices included and all. Check it out at: 3 Hidden Gem Spots in La Jolla (On a Budget!).

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