Experience San Diego Weather in March

San Diego Weather in March

If one thing is true about San Diego, it’s that it has good weather. Whether you’re looking to swim in the ocean or soak up the sun, San Diego has so much to offer. Not only does San Diego provide some of the loveliest weather in the world, there are plenty of activities to do in the outdoors. Between scuba diving, hiking, or spending the day at the Wild Animal Park, San Diego is the perfect place to enjoy the spring. Whatever you’re looking for, San Diego weather in March is some of the most pleasant anywhere.

How is San Diego Weather in March?

What is the weather like in San Diego in March? Whether you want to lie on the beach for hours or want to walk around San Diego’s many beach towns, the weather in this beautiful spring month is near-perfect. The temperature is warm and it isn’t too dry. Are you looking for a place to go after the winter and emerge from the cold? San Diego is the place to go.

Is March a Good Time to Visit San Diego?

March is an amazing time to visit the city of San Diego. When you’re wondering, “what is the weather in March in San Diego?” You’d be hard-pressed to find better weather anywhere in the world. It is warm during the day and cool at night, providing the perfect temperature for swimming in the afternoon and happy hour in La Jolla in the evening.

If you’re thinking about visiting San Diego, March is a great time. Between the weather and the array of luxury hotels in San Diego that will become more expensive in the summer, there is arguably no better time to come to this diverse and dynamic city.  

How Warm is It in San Diego in March?

San Diego weather in March is warm like most of the time, but is one of the milder spring months. This provides a balance that makes every moment of visiting the city pleasurable. It is an unoffending temperature most of the time, providing versatility to wear pants and a jacket or just shorts and a t-shirt. This is why so many people like the weather during this time, it is mild for any situation. How is the weather in San Diego in March? It is likely to satisfy just about anyone.

Can You Swim in San Diego in March?

The weather in San Diego is mild and the water in California is typically cold, but swimming is completely possible. The month of March is calmer compared to April’s weather when the winds are at their highest.  So, head out in the morning and swim during the warmest part of the day if you want to avoid being too cold. You can swim just about any time of year in San Diego. Depending on the day in March, swimming in the ocean is quite enjoyable.

Is San Diego Busy in March?

While spring break can lead to a lot of people in San Diego, it is usually less busy than the summer. Summer in San Diego makes the tourist areas, beaches, and popular neighborhoods much busier than it is in March. The San Diego Zoo, the Wild Animal Park, and LEGOLAND are busier during the summer months. In March you have the best of both worlds, there are people around but not too many to get in the way of your trip.

What is there to do in San Diego in March?

There are always tons of things to do in San Diego, no matter what month it is. March provides all the outdoor activities that are usually available, without too much heat. You can go to the beaches and theme parks. Go to restaurants and find the best Mexican food in San Diego. Walk through the Gaslamp District to have a few drinks and people watch. Try surfing or snorkeling. Whatever you want to do, you can do it in March.

Temperature in March

The San Diego average March temperature is a high of 67 and low of 54 degrees. While this sounds very mild, the temperature can also be higher during the day and lower at night. Either way, San Diego weather in March is usually pretty warm during the day and cool at night. The weather is consistent, providing opportunities to spend time outside and eat on a restaurant’s patio during the day or at night.

Humidity in March

The humidity in San Diego’s March usually peaks at 75 percent right after midnight. While this is pretty humid, the rate drops to 56 percent in the early afternoon. It is dynamic, offering the ability to spend time at the Wild Animal Park or LEGOLAND. San Diego can experience what we call the “marine layer” in the morning, but then it quickly burns off. Compared to other months, the humidity in March is about average.

Sunshine in March

There are nine fully sunny days and eleven partly sunny days, totaling 20 days where you will get sun. With this many sunny days, it is likely that you will have good weather when you travel to San Diego in March. The odds are in your favor. When you ask, “what is the weather in March in San Diego?” The answer is likely “sunny.” With so much sun, hiking and exploring towns like La Jolla are very pleasant.

Wind in March

Wind in San Diego in March is just about constant every day. The lowest daily wind speed average during the month is 7.6 miles per hour. This is higher than the calmest wind of the year, which is about 5.8 miles per hour—usually in March. There will be wind when you visit the city, but it won’t be overwhelming. Enjoy the beach at night and find an outdoor café during the day.

Rainfall in March

San Diego gets about four days of rain each March, with the average rainfall being very low. It rapidly decreases from February to usually about 2.2 inches and rarely exceeds 4.6 inches. At the end of the month the average rainfall decreases further to about a single inch. San Diego weather in March doesn’t include much rain so you can plan on spending time outside. If it does rain, seek refuge in one of San Diego’s breweries or restaurants.

Clouds in March

While there may be some marine layer clouds in the morning, most of the time it burns off in the afternoons of March. Prepare to spend some time indoors in the mornings, maybe one of the city’s many coffee shops or diners. But then as the morning wanes, the sun will appear and it will be time to swim.

Ocean Temperature in March

California’s water is notoriously cold, but that doesn’t mean you can’t swim. The San Diego average March temperature in the ocean is 58 degrees. This might be too cold for some, so if you’re one of these people bring a book to the beach, but for others the cold water provides a refreshing way to spend your time in San Diego.

Daylight in March

The daylight only increases in March, starting the month at 11 and a half hours and finishing at over 12 and a half hours. There is plenty of daylight to spend time at the San Diego Zoo or exploring neighborhoods like Mission Beach. The later you go in March, the more light you will have.

If you are planning on visiting San Diego this spring, March is a mild month that will satisfy nearly anyone. With versatility, you can plan your days around how much sun there is and what the temperature is like. San Diego weather in March is easy to enjoy.