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Looking for tickets to a venue in La Jolla?


We want to help you find the best events to get tickets for in La Jolla…and, as needed, make parking recommendations to save you from less fun types of tickets! What are some of the top spots and events we want to keep you posted on?



We have your standard AMC film venue that releases the latest hit films, where you can purchase tickets ahead of time for major motion pictures that sell out fast. La Jolla also has a lesser known spot called the La Jolla Village Cinema. This theater shows independent films, foreign movies and cult classics. We want to keep you posted on these films, especially if your favorite 80s movies is coming to the big screen for one night only!

Live Theater:

For a different type of theater, we encourage you to check out tickets for sale at The La Jolla Playhouse. This venue has been home to Tony-award winning shows and has the feeling of an intimate Broadway experience. There are a wide array of play types, such as dramas, musicals and comedies. It hosts well known and classic plays that have become theatre traditions, as well as new original pieces. Whether you’re looking for single-play tickets, season passes or a group experience, this spot has it all.


Get tickets to ensure your night of funny at La Jolla’s top laugh-inducing spot, The Comedy Store. This venues features all types of comedians, so you’re sure to find someone who will have you catching your breath and cheering for more.


A short drive away there are other great venues, such as San Diego’s National Comedy Theater. This improv group’s comedy is all the more funny when you know it’s completely spontaneous! (Tickets for the first show usually sell out at least a few hours ahead, so it’s a spot you definitely want to plan a day or 2 ahead for.)


There are many tours to choose from in La Jolla, from food & wine escapades to kayaking and bike riding to segway tours. These often sell out, especially during peak visiting seasons; booking your spot will offer you an easy peace of mind! For more specific details and tour opportunities, please check out our Tours Page.