Top 5 Reasons to Get Married by the Beach |

Top 5 Reasons to Get Married by the Beach

From hotels and golf courses to country clubs and chapels, there are many wedding venue options, aren’t there? While all of those are good, you should also consider the beach. If you haven’t before, here are 5 reasons a coastal wedding will be an incredibly one.

1. The ocean is the ultimate backdrop.

You can spend countless hours and dollars slaving away on wedding decorations, or, if you already have enough going on, let the ocean be the backdrop for you.

2. You can honeymoon…right where you are!

You can drive to the airport, get through security, feel stifled on a long plane ride…then reach your honeymoon destination. Or, you can simply stroll back to your honeymoon suite after the wedding at a beachside resort and let your dream honeymoon begin.

3. Activity planning is made easy.

On the beach, there’s ample opportunity for activities surrounding your wedding.

4. Family will be more than happy to travel.

If there are two things people don’t mind hopping on a plane for, it’s:
1. A wedding.
2. The beach!

5. Creating a calm, positive atmosphere.

Scientific studies, continue to show that our brains have a positive reaction to water. The ocean, with its limitless supply of water, flat horizon and soothing sounds, are the epitome of this. Everyone will feel soothed by the waves and calm as the knot is tied.

Need to see examples of beaches to see the effect for yourself? Head to our beaches directory and take in the endless sea. One of these could be the very place you have your own La Jolla beach wedding.