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Top Wedding Venues: Benefits You Haven’t Thought Of

Have you gotten engaged and suddenly become overwhelmed with wedding plans? There are so many choices to make, and the wedding venue is one of the hardest decisions. With all the factors, it’s easy to miss some of the pros and cons.

Check out our list of some top venues to get married at and why.

1. A Hotel/Resort

  • The staff there are highly experienced in wedding planning and execution. They can take much of the nitty gritty details, paperwork and workload off you & your fiance’s shoulders. That leaves you to focus on the important stuff, like choosing your wedding dress and daydreaming about your honeymoon.
  • Guests can stay right where the wedding is being held. This helps avoid anyone getting lost, being delayed by traffic or drinking after a glass or 2 of champagne.

2. The Beach

  • The calm lapping waves, light breeze and soft sand of the Southern California ocean create the perfect wedding atmosphere.
  • There’s no need to spend stressful amounts of time and effort on decorations and backdrop when you can tie the knot in front of a beach sunset. That’s a background that nature has already taken care of for you.

3. Golf Course

  • Seeking an exclusive experience? Most golf courses are private and only have one main clubhouse or event center. This means that anyone coming to the golf course that day, is coming for you.
  • The greens of an established golf course are supremely maintained. You won’t have worry about the appearance because maintenance of the grounds is already of highest priority at golf courses.
  • If you love nature’s greenery but seek the comforts of technology & trained staff nearby, this is a perfect combination.

The beautiful coastal town of La Jolla, California offers all of these venues, each highly experienced in hosting weddings. Take a peek at what you’re La Jolla wedding could look at by checking out our blog: Why Should You Get Married in La Jolla?.

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