Gaslamplighter, a Stylish New Speakeasy & Karaoke Bar, Lands in San Diego -

Gaslamplighter, a Stylish New Speakeasy & Karaoke Bar, Lands in San Diego

A stylish and swanky new live music speakeasy and karaoke bar called the Gaslamplighter will soon land in downtown San Diego.

One of the anticipated openings in San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter, the appropriately named Gaslamplighter is opting for a lavish aesthetic that calls back to the days of Hollywood glamour.

If the name sounds vaguely familiar, it’s because owner Frankie Sciuto made a name for himself at the legendary and loved Lamplighter karaoke bar in Mission Hills, according to Eater San Diego.

Although karaoke is often the domain of neighborhood watering holes and dive bars, Sciuto is bringing together serious mixology and karaoke with the Gaslamplighter. Along with a glittering and swanky stage for singers, the bar will also feature a full list of beautifully crafted cocktails.

Speaking of swanky, the bar will be dripping in art deco style. Along with images of famous singers over the years, there is also a nod back to San Diego history with replicas of the gas lamps that inspired the name of the Gaslamp District.

Options for cocktails will include a coffee cocktail called the Carajillo; a luxurious martini infused with truffle and topped with olives, onion, and caviar; and Down the Rabbit Hole, which mixes vodka with ginger, aloe vera, carrot, and cucumber.

The Gaslamplighter will be located directly adjacent to the Side Bar, which is owned by Sciuto. Customers will be able to order Side Bar’s delicious double-double wagyu burgers alongside a menu of bar snacks.

The bar will officially open to the public on Thursday, Feb. 8 on a reservation basis. While the stage will host live music earlier in the evenings, it’ll open for karaoke starting around 9:30 p.m.

In other words, it’s sure to become an amazing late-night activity for those looking for stuff to do in downtown San Diego and the Gaslamp.

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