Jodi Arias Fashion After Murder: Family Guy Bikini Reference

Jodi Arias Fashion After Murder: Family Guy Bikini Reference

Family Guy cartoon
Popular animated sitcom Family Guy used bikini photos of Jodi Arias in a recent episode. IG photo by @familyguyfox

Jodi Arias may best be known for killing her boyfriend Travis Alexander. She was convicted of murder and sentenced to life imprisonment without parole. Claiming self-defense, Arias admitted to stabbing Alexander 27 times and shooting him in the face. She was convicted of first-degree murder in 2013 and sentenced in 2015.

Arias is also known for the way she dresses, which can be scandalous at times. Her character and the way she dresses even made it to Family Guy, where there were jokes made about Arias in a bikini.

Originally from California, Arias has a reputation for the way she looks as well as the crime she committed. 

When Arias was in court for the murder of he boyfriend, she wore glasses and had dark hair. This was a contrast to her usual blonde look without glasses. While it could be coincidence, some have speculated that Arias changed the way she looked to appear more reputable. 

Contrast that with this photo of Arias wearing just a button up shirt. This is what Family Guy was making fun of when they had her in a bikini on the show. It’s unclear when this photo was taken, but some have speculated that it was during the time she was free but on trial. 

This GIF does a good job of detailing the contrast between how Arias looks when she’s in court and how she looks on the outside. There is a significant difference. You could even argue that she looks like a different person. 

Beyond bikinis and risque photos, it is also stunning how many photographs there are of Arias with Alexander. They seemed to travel together frequently. It’s difficult to imagine how the relationship ended up in death. 

Beyond the beaches of California and the desert of Arizona, where Arias murdered her boyfriend, there are photos of Arias in many places. Here she’s spotted in the mountains, camera in hand. Most of the time she appears happy, but we all know now that that wasn’t the case. 

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