Ethical E-commerce Marketplace Started by Local San Diegan Ethical E-commerce Marketplace Started by Local San Diegan, the internet’s latest ethical e-commerce marketplace, actively vets brands seeking to sell on the site, ensuring they meet the platform’s rigorous sustainable and ethical standards.

Think about TikTok Shop, Temu, and Amazon. These e-commerce sites and platforms share common traits, but there’s more to the story. People often label them as cheap, and while this is true, there’s a deeper issue. These brands overlook sustainability, ethical production, and eco-friendly options, prioritizing profit at a significant cost to human and planetary health. Moreover, they rarely support small and local businesses, often allowing Amazon to replicate successful small-scale products with lower quality and durability.

Why Purposer?

Joline Mann leads the fight against these profit-focused monopolies, creating an e-commerce marketplace exclusively for sustainable and ethical brands. After completing her college education and working various jobs, Mann pursued her greater ambitions. She launched a sustainable, ethically sourced jewelry brand, supporting impoverished families in Ecuador and India, reflecting her heritage. During her initial market research and brand launch planning, she encountered many brands with similar values and messages but no ethical e-commerce platform to showcase their products. Recognizing this gap, Mann shifted her focus to establish an online marketplace that supports these independent brands, promoting sustainable and ethical practices. emerged from this vision. Operating from La Jolla, the platform features brands committed to eco-friendly, ethical, and fair trade practices, vetted through virtual or in-person meetings whenever possible. Mann and her team have built a global network of brands, making in-person vetting challenging but ensuring a wide reach.

Purposer’s name mirrors Joline’s commitment to purposeful product creation and selling. The platform labels its affiliates as ‘purposers’ – individuals and entrepreneurs who act with a purpose that serves the greater good and brings light to others. While Mann initially aimed to offer high-quality jewelry aiding impoverished regions, now aims to amplify the voices and messages of its brands, making it simpler for consumers to support these causes. The platform allows users to select the charities, foundations, and organizations they wish to support through their purchases. proudly supports various brands, each with a unique contribution.

Purposer Brand Highlights

La Jolla Brands:

The Cottage, healthy handmade granola.

The Wave Collection Jewelry is handcrafted and sustainable.

Shore Buddies Sustainable Stuffed Toys, made from recycled water bottles

Other San Diego Brands:

Kind Life Goods, candles that support poverty alleviation charity based out of Temecula, California.

Faro Board Bags, sustainable surf gear based out of Encinitas, California.

SD Roundnet, spike ball gear, and shirts that give back to San Diego Social Leagues.

Blissful Seeds is an organic bar soap made by individuals from the Autistic community based out of Poway, California.

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