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Missing San Diego Dog Reunited With Family After Months Away

When the Houman family lost their dog, they never gave up hope that she would return. Eight months later, the family is reunited with their missing San Diego dog.

Mishka, a three-year-old Chihuahua/Terrier mix, went missing from an auto shop in July 2023, the Houman family told NBC San Diego. After she went missing, parents Elizabeth and Mehrad spent weeks trying to figure out a way to tell their daughter, five-year-old Lilly.

For months, the family put up posters and rallied friends from both the U.S. and Mexico to search for Mishka. Along the way, the family said they “just felt that we were going to get her back.”

Along the way, Elizabeth said she carried a leash wherever she went, and kept a close out for any missing San Diego dog that looked like Mishka.

The search, however, ended in March when the family was notified that Mishka’s microchip number was found. Incredibly, Mishka was found more than 2,000 miles away in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan.

Police in Michigan received a call about a stray dog last week and picked up Mishka. A local humane society ran the microchip, and reconnected with the owners.

The Houman family was traveling to Minnesota when they got a call from the humane society. When they landed, Mehrad drove 10 hours to Michigan to reunite with Mishka.

“I think it’s just magic,” Elizabeth told NBC. “I think there’s angels looking down, you know, surrounding us and watching us and praying for us, and I really truly think we were meant to have her back.”

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