Paid Parking in La Jolla Village Remains a Contentious Issue -

Paid Parking in La Jolla Village Remains a Contentious Issue

Should paid parking be implemented in La Jolla Village? This remains a hot-button issue, and it’s in the news agin.

There’s a reason free parking is such a big deal in the game of Monopoly: It’s such a rare find. Along the same lines, paid parking in La Jolla Village is a contentious issue for locals, business owners, and other interested parties. 

Those who oppose paid parking say it’s divisive and exclusionary. They argue that the diversity of the La Jolla community varies in many ways, including financially. If the city imposes another arbitrary cost, they will seriously impede the way people get around the city. 

Without charging for parking, everyone can enjoy the vast array of entertainment and retail options available throughout the city without the cost. However, if paid parking becomes mandatory, many people will no longer have that freedom.

Both sides of the debate have petitioned vehemently, and on Wednesday, September 29, 2021, there was to be a panel forum discussion. It was here that La Jolla citizens would hear both sides in a formal public capacity. 

However, the panel was sabotaged last Sunday when during an announcement, The La Jolla Town Council said it “decided to withdraw its participation.” The following day, the La Jolla Village Merchants Association seconded Council’s decision.

The cancelations ended both participation and sponsorship, which caused the entire panel to get put on hold.

Fortunately, after the news, Community Planning Association President Diane Kane insisted this is not a cancellation. Rather, the panel is getting postponed to another yet undecided date.

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