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Queenstown Public House Comes to La Jolla

New Zealand cuisine is coming to the heart of La Jolla.

The Queenstown Public House is a restaurant named after a popular New Zealand town; it first opened in San Diego in 2013. The original location in Little Italy introduced a well-received selection of brunch, lunch, dinner, dessert, and drink choices, quickly popularizing the establishment.


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A sample of this selection include fried green tomatoes, house quiche, lamb burgers, New Zealand meat pies, fish & chips, kiwilango, and habanero chicken. (Never heard of kiwilango? It’s a beef patty – a burger!)

According to San Diego Eater, in 2018,  the Queenstown Bistro, a brunch-focused offshoot of the original restaurant, opened at Westfield UTC.

Now, the Queenstown Public House will find a home in La Jolla, replacing the Karl Strauss Brewing Company at 1044 Wall St, La Jolla, CA 92037. The latter was a 25-year veteran establishment that sadly succumbed to pressures resulting from the COVID-29 pandemic. (If you’re a Karl Strauss fan, don’t worry – they still have locations in 4S Ranch and Sorrento Mesa.)

For the new establishment, longtime design partner, Michael Soriano, is again working with Queenstown co-owner PJ Lamont to update the design while still incorporating the iconic sheep present in the branding thus far.

The restaurant’s owners are anticipating opening the La Jolla location in March 2022, emphasizing outdoor patio seating and a vaulted ceiling, whimsical design.

One revealed aspiration for the new design is the inclusion of glass greenhouses suspended above patrons, giving them a unique, natural, and playful atmosphere.

Note: The banner photo in this article is courtesy from Queenstown Public House on Facebook.

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