Why this San Diego Coffee Company is Getting Rid of Single-Use Cups

Why this San Diego Coffee Company is Getting Rid of Single-Use Cups

A San Diego coffee shop started 2021 off sustainably by upgrading from paper to-go cups to a jar exchange program. 

On December 15, 2020, an Instagram post shared James Coffee Co’s intentions to transition to the sustainable jar exchange program. On January 1, 2021, the San Diego coffee shop made its intentions a reality.

Since the first of the year, James Coffee Co. has initiated a sustainability program, where patrons put a deposit of $1.25 down to receive their beverage in a glass jar, with a James Coffee Co. sleeve and a metal lid.

Once the customer finishes their beverage, they are encouraged to rinse the jar out and bring it, along with the sleeve and lid, back to the coffee shop. Upon returning with the jar, the patron will choose to order another drink or receive their $1.25 deposit back. 

When the jar gets returned, it is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized by the James Coffee Co. team.

David Kennedy, the owner of James Coffee Co., estimates the business’ jar exchange sustainability program is saving landfills from 7,000 to-go cups per week. 

“You try to create an environment that you’re proud of, and that’s all you can do,” said Kennedy.

Fortunately, Kennedy adds that the response from customers is largely positive. 

Still, James Coffee Co. is not the only business implementing sustainability efforts like the jar exchange. Many coffee shops in San Diego have undertaken similar programs to offer more eco-friendly solutions to their patrons. 

Although, James Coffee Co. has certainly taken the small business’ level of proactive sustainability to a new level. 

To read the full coverage, check out the original NBC 7 San Diego report here.


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