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Southswell Digital Marketing

Building Momentum From The Inside Out

Known For

  • Hyper-transparent digital marketing within behavior health
  • ROI-focused SEO & Paid Media strategies
  • Excellent customer service
  • The executive team brings 50+ years of experience in behavior health & digital marketing

Overview & Amenities

There isn’t anything quite like the hype of a south swell brewing for a surfer here
in Southern California. When the tide is just right and the swell builds from south
to north one can anticipate the momentum and consistency of the most epic,
life changing waves to ride. There isn’t anything quite like floating on the wave,
getting catapulted by the force of the ocean behind you.

We believe in growth. We believe in opportunity, and we believe that discipline
leads to change. We are a combined team of behavioral healthcare experts
and digital marketing specialists who are here to improve the quality of the
customer experience in seeking help and finding treatment. We are growing,
changing and delivering. We are making our own waves.

Southswell Sevices:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our SEO strategy is highly specific to each client’s goals. Our holistic approach to SEO has more to do with conversions and focused traffic than mass awareness. Traditional digital marketing strategies targeting high volume keywords and massive traffic spikes are long gone! The behavioral health industry shouldn’t be running its website like an e-commerce website. SSD’s expertise lies within auditing an existing website and re-organizing the SEO to attract the best possible organic visitors for your business, not the most clicks possible regardless of relevance.

  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Our executive team has years of experience working with phone, email, and chatbot interactions on behalf of clients and future patients. Southwell will help audit your call tracking, optimize your landing pages, and train your staff to turn maybes into yeses, for you or your current referral partners.

  • Paid Media (PPC, Facebook, Instagram)

Google Pay Per Click advertising is one of the places most behavioral health businesses need optimization! Our SEO strategy works hand in hand with paid media to help save you money and further target your ads! Our blend of branded, phrase match and negative keyword integration can help you cut out wasted spending, lower your CPA, and support SEO. Our team can continually update your paid media strategy to remain fresh and remove bidding once your website ranks in the top 10 for a keyword you currently pay to have visibility under.

  • Social Media Management

Leverage our media team who can fly to any location on a moment’s notice to shoot and produce content that can be dripped out via social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Snapchat. Our team can create branded content to allow for consistent engagement with leads, patients, and alumni.

  • Branded Content (blogs, newsletters, landing pages)

What your website, social media, and Google My Business page says about you matters, a lot! Our team has the skillset to take a client’s vision and put it in writing. Thanks to our experience with narrative writing and SEO content we can come up with a plan per client to appease both readers and search engines at the same time!

  • Website Management & Development

Depending on the scope of your digital needs our staff is able to maintain a website, update plug-ins, and keep your surfboard pointed in the right direction. Hate your site? No problem! Our dev team is able to execute full tear downs or new website builds including custom code, content, and graphic design.

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· La Jolla, California · 92037