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What Do You Know About Drug Use and Drug Rehab in California?

Drug abuse in America has swelled into a full-on crisis, and it affects every inch of the country. Not only does it negatively impact personal lives and families, but illegal drug use also contributes to the decline of social structure and the economy.  

More than 21 million Americans struggle with drug addiction, and the state of California is responding to this startling statistic with affirmative action. For instance, rehab centers in California are at the forefront in providing proper care so that recovery can become a reality for people battling drug addiction.

Discover Critical Facts About Drug Rehab in California Cities: San Francisco, Los Angeles, & San Diego

The statistics for drug use in major cities in California are staggering, and that’s why drug rehab in California has become such a critical service. According to surveys from mental health services in San Diego, 8% of the population in California has a substance use disorder. This equates to about 2.7 million people suffering from drug addiction in the Golden State.

According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), drug use in big cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego is more prevalent than in rural areas. In fact, a recent survey revealed over 10% of city residents in California report using illicit drugs, whereas the national average is about 8%.  In light of the disturbing upsurge of drug use in larger cities, finding a rehab center in California is quite convenient, as they are readily available and expertly equipped to help addicts retain proper medical attention.

The Rise of Drug Use and Drug Rehab in California

According to research conducted by California Health Policy Strategies (CHPS), deaths from drug overdoses have skyrocketed in the last few years. In fact, CHPS studies show that drug-related deaths have increased 26% from June 2019 and June 2020. Due to this meteoric rise of drug overdoses, the cry for more drug rehab in California is louder now than ever.

It goes without saying the loss of human life from substance abuse is heartbreaking on its own. However, there are other repercussions from illicit drug use that hits California hard in other areas. According to The Lewin Group, a health policy research firm, an average of $97 billion dollars is spent every year by the government of California in response to the drug-use epidemic.

These funds go to provide drug abuse treatments, prevention, and health care costs as well as compensation for reduced job productivity or lost earnings. What’s more, a large percentage of this massive billion-dollar expense goes towards paying for criminal justice and law enforcement services directly involved with drug-related offenses.

Drug Rehab in San Francisco

Currently, the death rate for drug-related overdoses in San Francisco is three times as high as in New York or Los Angeles. While this on its own is alarming, what’s truly unsettling is that overdoses have tripled in San Francisco since 2017.  That equates to about two drug-related deaths per day. Furthermore, there are more substance abuse overdoses per capita in San Francisco than in any major city on the West Coast.

In view of these crushing statistics, one has to ask, “Why?” The answer has a lot to do with the recent increase in Fentanyl abuse, an opiate prescribed for pain relief.  Initially, cases of Fentanyl overdoses were a rare thing to see by professionals at drug rehab centers in San Francisco. However, a few years ago, Fentanyl abuse became a raging epidemic, especially among the homeless.

While Fentanyl has become the prime motivation for most drug users to seek drug rehab in California, it’s not the only culprit for the rise in San Francisco’s increasing drug abuse problem.  Methamphetamines and Hydrocodone run a deadly second and third in the most common drugs abused in San Francisco.  All this adds up to a $6 billion dollar allocation the government of San Francisco spends to quell the drug abuse crisis in the city.

On the brighter side, there is hope for people seeking drug rehab in San Francisco.  The city provides government-funded programs for the homeless or underprivileged.  There are also in-patient and out-patient rehab centers sponsored by San Francisco hospitals. Furthermore, private treatment facilities can provide around-the-clock medical care for people fighting drug addictions.

Drug Rehab in San Diego

According to the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG), illegal drug use is at a 21-year high among adult males in the city as of 2020.  SANDAG further reports that among males, 82% were tested positive for illegal substances while detained in local detention facilities. On the positive side, illicit drug use has declined among San Diegan females, dropping from 80% to 67% since 2015.

The reason for the increase in illegal drug use, at least in adult males, is similar to what the entire nation is struggling with, which is the rising popularity of opiates such as Fentanyl. In fact, many centers for drug rehab in San Diego abide by a common practice of administering or distributing Naloxone, which is a drug that rapidly reverses an opioid overdose.

The second culprit for increased drug use in San Diego is blamed on methamphetamines, with marijuana coming in third as the drug of choice for addicts.  Methamphetamines account for over 84% of drug-related arrests in 2021. By comparison, marijuana is attributed to around 65% of police-involved emergency calls. 

Of all these offenses, 45% resulted in incarceration due to violent offenses.  Other offenses such as vandalism, burglary, or property damage account for around 20% of drug-related legal disputes.  All of this amounts to a mind-boggling amount of money spent by the government of San Diego. Currently, the proposed 2021 budget to tamp down the drug epidemic in San Diego is $7 billion.

While these statistics are grim, exceptional drug rehab in San Diego is available for people who need treatment.  From detox in San Diego, to medically assisted recovery programs, SoCal is a pinnacle of treatment for drug addiction.  While there are many government-sponsored programs for people with low income, there are also a variety of private drug rehabilitation facilities that provide top-notch treatment for those afflicted with drug addictions. 

Drug Rehab in Los Angeles

According to the Poison Control Center of Los Angeles, almost 20% of incoming emergency calls were related to illicit drug use.  Furthermore, the average tally for drug abuse-related hospital admissions is around 30,000 per year.  Faced with these disturbing statistics, the City of Angels is the home to some of the most advanced and premium centers for drug rehabilitation.

While opiates are the common denominator for increased drug use in Los Angeles, the city is also challenged by a rise in illegal benzodiazepine use. These drugs include tranquilizers, barbiturates, and sedatives, and they account for nearly 26% of hospital visits due to overdoses.

Methamphetamines and heroin abuse are also to blame for increased drug use. As of 2020, there were over 10,000 hospital treatments for methamphetamine abuse, and 40% of all LA County treatment admissions were focused on marijuana use. According to the County of Los Angeles Public Health, 19% of the fiscal budget is devoted to amending the drug abuse crisis.

While these figures are certainly hair-raising, there is a silver lining.  Due to the ever-present illegal drug use crisis, drug rehab in Los Angeles is even more accessible to whoever may need it.  In fact, Los Angeles is truly a City of Angels when it comes to luxury rehabs, but it’s also home to holistic treatment centers as well as affordable drug addiction recovery facilities.

COVID-19 and Drug Use Trends

According to a recent study conducted by Psychiatry Advisor, Covid and alcoholism is a serious issue, with a shocking surge of 54% increase in alcohol consumption and abuse reports around the nation.  However, the looming stress of Covid hasn’t only affected alcohol abuse — it’s also had a dramatic impact on drug use.  A survey published by the National Journal of Drug Policies revealed that illegal and recreational drug use has increased by 38% since the pandemic was officially declared a national emergency in March 2020.  Of that percentile, 43% of survey-takers reported they relapsed during Covid after a span of being drug-free for six months or longer.

The Benefits of Rehab Programs in California

While the aforementioned statistics are harrowing, to say the least, the good news is that rehab centers in California are ranked the highest in the nation.  From 5 star, world-class rehab resorts, holistic recovery facilities, and opiate replacement therapy centers — the Golden State is truly a treasure trove of options and solutions for drug addiction issues. 

Furthermore, drug rehab in California runs the gamut in terms of flexible pricing for every budget.  Luxury rehabilitative resorts will obviously cost more money, but most of these “retreat-style” facilities take private insurance.  Alternatively, California is a host to many lower-cost treatment options and often offers veteran discounts as well as provides governmental assistance or sliding-scale fees for services rendered.

California is also a frontrunner in alternative drug abuse treatments as well as traditional therapies. Additionally, the area offers many faith-based and 12-step program meetings such as Alcoholic Anonymous to ensure long-term recovery success.  In other words, if you or a loved one has a problem with drug addiction, California is replete with a myriad of solutions to provide you the treatment you deserve. 

Getting the Rehabilitation You Need for Drug Addiction

If you feel you or a loved one is struggling with drug abuse, then California is the place to be for the highest quality care and treatment.  From free rehab services, to inpatient, outpatient, and rehab resources, the state of California can help you get your life back. Regardless of your circumstances, the professionals and treatment centers of California can definitely provide solid strategies to put you on the healing road to recovery.  

And always know, if you or a loved one is enduring the torture of drug addiction, you don’t have to go it alone. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to this Drug Helpline where a qualified professional can guide you to the appropriate treatment you deserve.