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Veteran Homelessness

Veterans are some of the most respectable individuals in society, having personally sacrificed for the defense of national interests and security at home and abroad. Unfortunately, veterans experience significant disadvantages upon returning home after serving, such as personal injuries, psychological trauma, and poor employability due to gaps in relevant work experience. Veteran Homelessness in the […]

The San Diego Homeless Population

For those of us who are lucky enough to have found ourselves a permanent residence here in beautiful San Diego, there are a myriad of wonderful things we can say about our community. From our gorgeous coastline and our world-famous attractions, to the close-knit, small town-vibe that can be found within our city limits, we’re […]

Mental Health Treatments

At any given time, approximately 26% of Americans struggle with some degree of a mental illness. Mental disorders can range in severity and manifestation, ranging from depression to bipolar disorder and anxiety. Furthermore, of these numbers, many people also suffer from additional comorbidities. That is, they may be dealing with more than one disorder at […]