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7 Best Houseplants for Your San Diego Home (Even if You Don’t Have a Green Thumb)

With so many people still decorating with the Jungalow theme at home, it’s easy to be envious of all their houseplants but intimidated to buy your own if you know you’re not much of a green thumb. Some days, it feels like it takes all you’ve got to take care of yourself, let alone rooms teeming with beautiful houseplants. Fortunately, there are tons of houseplants for your San Diego home that will make your place look incredible. If you’ve wanted to dabble in the plant-lady lifestyle but want to be sure your plants can handle your inexperience, keep reading for the best houseplants for your San Diego home that will not only thrive but survive your mistreatment. 

ZZ Plants

The ZZ Plant originates from drought-prone Africa, so that it can survive with little to no watering. The ZZ Plant, even when neglected, has a beautiful dark green coloring and can grow several feet tall, with wide and long leaves. ZZ Plants are toxic to cats and dogs, so make sure this plant is off the floor and inaccessible to curious animals. This plant can also survive easily in low-light situations, so if your home doesn’t get a lot of natural light, you can still enjoy this attractive plant that will make your San Diego vacation rental, apartment, or estate look smashing. 

Aloe Vera

With succulent plants for sale in grocery and hardware stores, it can be tempting to buy a mini cactus only to have it wither and die in a month or two. Aloe Vera plants are succulents that are not only easy to keep alive but also beneficial. The sap inside the leaves can be used on kitchen burns, sunburns, and minor scrapes. Though Aloe plants need a bright spot, a ledge in the kitchen or bathroom will suffice, and they only need watering once the leaves feel dry or brittle. Moreover, Aloe plants love the weather in San Diego, so you can leave them on your front patio or balcony for a beautiful look.

Ponytail Palms

Ponytail Palms are known to be hardy plants and nearly impossible to kill. They require little to no watering and can thrive in the dark. You could easily forget you own a Ponytail Palm if it wasn’t such a beautiful plant to behold. Ponytail Palms have a wide trunk and long, spindly leaves that often curl as they grow longer. Though this plant isn’t toxic to dogs or cats, its curly and thin leaves make them very attractive to curious cats, so it’s best to keep them out of reach. 

Snake Plants

Snake Plants have fallen in and out of fashion over the decades, but you’ve likely seen them everywhere, from your parent’s home to the dentist’s office. These plants require almost zero maintenance and can still grow to several feet in height. The Snake Plant, also known as Mother-In-Law’s Tongue, comes in several color variations, all featuring green and thick, tall leaves that come to a sharp point at the tip. And because of San Diego’s year-round warm weather, these plants will thrive both inside and outside your home. 

Best Houseplants for Your San Diego Home
Image of houseplants supplied by San Diego’s @northparknursery at yogi @lindoalshebani San Diego home

Chinese Evergreen

Native to tropical and subtropical regions of Asia, the Chinese Evergreen has long been a popular houseplant due to its ease of taking care of them. Chinese Evergreens need low light levels to thrive and only need watering every two weeks. They prefer a humid environment, so placing a Chinese Evergreen in the bathroom where you take frequent baths and showers is the best spot in your San Diego home. 

Sago Palms

If you love our San Diego beaches and wish your whole life was a vacation, bring a sense of that to your home office with a Sago Palm. These beautiful houseplants resemble miniature Palm Trees and are a breeze to care for. While it does love bright light, the Sago Palm is extremely drought-tolerant, so place it in a sunny location and don’t worry about it! Sago Palms date back to prehistoric times, so owning a living fossil is a great talking point when you have houseguests!

Panda Plants

Another succulent that does great indoors is the Panda Plant, named so for the tiny white hairs covering this little succulent. We all crave the natural beauty of plants and trees during the winter, and this cutie not only survives but thrives in the dry air of a home heated during the colder months. It requires minimal watering, just enough to keep its leaves from shriveling. They may be small, but they’re a great addition to your bookshelf or nightstand. 

The Last Word on Easy Houseplants for Your San Diego Home

More plants are easy to care for, even if you have the brownest of thumbs, but the above are by far the best houseplants for your San Diego home are the ones mentioned here.  These are especially ideal because many of these plants will thrive both inside and outside in the San Diego climate. So, if you don’t have much luck with houseplants, you will find any of these great to grow. Pick up one or all of them today to make your plant dreams come true!

The banner image in this article is courtesy of San Diego’s NorthParkNursery.com

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