Can You Smoke Weed on the Beach in California? -

Can You Smoke Weed on the Beach in California?

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Beach goers from near and far love to lounge on the stretched California coastline from sunup to sundown. With etched sea bluffs carrying stories deep within their rock formations, rolling waves, colorful shrubbery, and vibrant marine life all around, the beaches in California are truly incomparable to any other part of the world. So breathtaking, in fact, that weed enthusiasts might feel inclined to light up a joint and soak in nature’s beauty–accompanied by a nice buzz.


Due to high tourism in areas like Los Angeles and San Diego, California beaches can also be a place for chaos to ensue; screaming babies, rowdy college kids, large group congregations, and loud music are just the tip of the iceberg of what you’ll experience when on a beach outing in California. Observing people’s behavior on the beach can make it appear as if anything goes–as if you’ve become enveloped in a lawless society once you’re on the soft sand, but don’t let the actions of others be misleading; there are definitely some legalities when it comes to what is and isn’t acceptable to do on the beach. 

It might seem unclear what regulations pertain to California when it comes to weed, so we are here to address some marijuana laws. Among them, the burning question–can you smoke weed on the beach in California?

Can You Smoke Weed on the Beach in California?

While weed might be legalized in California, smoking in public areas is still prohibited. That’s not to say that you can’t be high in public, though you certainly run the risk of receiving a citation and a fine if you choose to consume your weed anywhere but on private property. Beaches, parks, sidewalks, hotels, and buildings open to the public all fall under this category of no-smoke zones. Much like smoking cannabis, it is also illegal to eat cannabis products or vape weed pens in public places. 

In some instances, you are able to possess cannabis on a beach, so long as you don’t light one up. However, a decent share of the beachfront in California is considered federal land–where it is not even legal to possess it, so do your own research or think twice before packing a bowl. 

Other weed regulations state that it is illegal to operate a vehicle while smoking, consuming cannabis, or under the influence of cannabis, as it can impair your vision, reflex times, motor functions, and memory. With all this in mind, it’s safe to say that the wisest choice would be to have your smoke sessions at home before you venture to the beach if you want to avoid hefty fines and keep your mind at bay! 

But don’t let all this harsh your mellow. There are tons of different ways to consume marijuana other than smoking it. From edibles to patches – you can still get your high without lighting up on the beach.

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Now that we’ve established rules and regulations around marijuana consumption on the beach, the question isn’t–can you smoke weed on the beach in California? It’s–where can I get high quality weed in California? 

Some dispensaries in the San Diego area include THC-SD, March and Ash, Klover, and Urbn Leaf. Our favorite? Cannabist San Diego

Cannabist is not only sleek, but also shelves tons of high grade products from most loved brands. They have tons of daily deals that help you get the best bang for your buck, and host occasional events–such as a beach cleanup with yoga and tug of war–where you can earn reward points towards their dispensary for participating. Cannabist carries brands like Froot, Camino, and High Desert Pure, as well as seeds from Equilibrium that you can purchase to grow your own weed at home.

Armed with knowledge of the legalities surrounding marijuana consumption, possession, and California beaches and public areas, we hope you smoke responsibly and abide by state and federal laws. There is no worse buzzkill than a run-in from law enforcement while you are high. If you want to keep your mind at ease and enjoy your high with like-minded people, you might consider hitting a cannabis lounge where it is legal to smoke weed with peers and strangers alike.