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Kombucha Brands Made in San Diego That the Locals Rave About

The information presented in this article is for educational purposes only and should not be taken as medical or nutritional advice. Always consult with a healthcare professional before making any changes to your diet or health regimen. The potential benefits and effects of kombucha brands made in San Diego (or kombucha in general) can vary, and not all medical professionals would agree with the information presented here.

Kombucha, believed to have natural gut healing properties, has claimed a name for itself since it started to become popular in the 1990’s. When placed alongside other beverages today, it’s easy to see why this probiotic-packed drink stands out from the rest. 

For the noobs out there who aren’t quite sure what kombucha really is–it’s a lightly carbonated probiotic beverage made with tea–typically black or green–along with “good” bacteria, yeast, and sugar. This sugar source is generally from the fruits added to the beverage, although added sugar can include agave, honey, white sugar, or turbinado. This combo sits and ferments until it is ready to drink, sometimes carrying with it a slightly vinegary taste. 

Why do people love kombucha? Perhaps it’s the fact that it’s loaded with antioxidants like polyphenols, which are believed to help protect the body from damage and infection, as well as to limit chronic inflammation. Or could it be because it’s fruity, delicious, naturally gluten-free, and can be….alcoholic?!

Whether you’ve been on the booch train for years or are just now hearing about the craze, you’ll be happy to hear that kombucha producers continue to sprout up all over San Diego County, but a few definitely have earned their stripes.

Let’s take a gander at a few hard kombucha brands made in San Diego that have made a name for themselves and then scope out a few non-alcoholic kombucha brands that can be enjoyed by the whole family!

Alcoholic Kombucha

For the folks to like to have a little fun and aren’t much into beer, you’re in luck! San Diego is known for its wide array of hard kombucha brands, many of which have expanded to be nationwide sellers of hard kombucha. Let’s check ’em out, shall we?


Boochcraft has been in the kombucha biz since 2016, recognized as trailblazers in the San Diego scene and heavily responsible for paving the way for popularizing local kombucha brands. The story starts with 3 friends who established better-for-you hard kombucha in the heart of Ocean Beach. Boochcraft’s unpasteurized, 100% organic fruit juice fizzy drinks are not only nutritious and delicious, but also contain strong antibacterial properties that fight off infection-causing bacteria and Candida yeast. We love that Boochcraft supports locals by sourcing their ingredients from local farmers, and the cherry on top is that all of their beverages are sustainably crafted with zero preservatives.  

Some of their bold, tasty flavors include Strawberry Lemonade, Apple Jasmine, Peach Iced Tea, Orange Pomegranate, and Ginger Lime, which are all 7% ABV, 100% plant based, certified organic, and naturally gluten-free. Limited releases like their 1 pint Blue Hawaiian, which is unlike any other kombuchas you’ll see out there, is a vibrant sea greenish blue, which is light yet packed with flavor, low carb, and undeniably refreshing. Check out their brewery in Chula Vista, or their taproom at Del Mar Highlands Brewer’s Deck. They offer cute events where you can try the latest flavors, limited releases, and seasonal beverages. 


Another incredible kombucha with a buzz is Bucha Hard Kombucha, a showstopping brand that launched just last March in 2023, yet their fast lane growth speaks volumes about the quality and credibility of their product. The owner, Troy, had a passion for kombucha for almost a decade, brewing it in bathtubs in his house for many years, bringing it to art and music festivals to share with friends, who could not believe how distinct and remarkably tasty his product was. After years of perfecting his craft, fine-tuning the flavors, and developing his idea into a full-scale business, Bucha came to life. It’s vegan, gluten-free, astronomically flavorful, slightly acidic, and full of antioxidants! Blackberry Pear, Mango Dragon Fruit, Strawberry, and White Grape seem to be fan favorites.

This local brewery and tap room–located in Miramar–gives off Wild West meets New Mexico meets Tulum aesthetic, where you can go to enjoy a 4 flavor flight, hang out in their lounge area and read or co-work, or come to the space for one of their awesome events with live DJ’s, eye-catching visuals, and an awesome opportunity to network. Bucha’s stunningly vibrant branding and colorful, shimmery ombre cans are truly unmatched when placed alongside other competitors on a liquor store shelf. One thing we love about this brand is that they use fresh fruit from locally sourced farms for all of their products! In this day and age, it is difficult to find products that work solely with California based food manufacturers that are also free of preservatives, purees, and juices, so take note–this hard kombucha brand is rare!


Following suit shortly after Boochcraft, Juneshine burst into bloom in 2018, crafted the old-fashioned way–inside a janky garage at the hands of some SCOBY loving hippies. After the first couple kegs of Blood Orange Mint had finished brewing and been handed out to thirsty friends, their reactions said it all–they were on to something. Now, Juneshine is one of the top hard kombucha sellers on the market with a networth of over $100 million, and it’s easy to see why. Their tart and refreshing, low sugar, gut-friendly kombucha drinks are impeccably flavorful. Some even smell and taste like a tropical oasis in a can. 

Juneshine’s smooth, naturally fermented fizzy drinks contain 6% ABV, and might we say the branding is just–WOW. Vivid, rich, cool patterns and plant imagery–very much giving “drink me at a jungle party” or “sip me as you sunbathe underneath a palm tree” energy. This “champagne of kombuchas” is arguably one of the most well-known hard kombucha brands–perhaps because their interesting flavor pairings such as Strawberry Kiwi Crush, Watermelon Razz, Acai Berry, Desert Cooler, or Peachy Punch, which contains peach, apricot, crisp pear, and green tea. Recently they have also expanded to carry spirits. Peep one of their events like trivia night or live dj’s at their Scripps Ranch and Santa Monica locations. Another brownie point for donating 1% of all annual sales to a collection of environmental nonprofits working to fight climate change. 

Local Roots Kombucha

Support your local brewery with Local Roots, a North County favorite for kombucha lovers. Local Roots offers flights, glasses, and 4 packs to go, which you can sip on in their ginormous, inviting outdoor patio with your whole squad. Not only is this place family-friendly and dog friendly, but they also feature live music, games, and food trucks–we’re talking ultimate chill ambiance and vibes. Local Roots is committed to handcrafting boldly flavored kombucha with clean alcohol,  living probiotics, and no artificial sweeteners at their brewhouse in Vista, and they are heavily focused on social causes, which we love!

Local Roots also throws fun little events like “Boochchella” with live DJ’s and fun activities such as henna art and hair tinsel, and their huge outdoor patio is perfect for just that. With turf, cutesy outdoor lights, firepits, and relaxed decor, it truly is the ideal spot to grab a beverage and chill with friends and family. Playing along with their simplistic setting is their simple ingredients and simplistic branding–with a pop of color. Some of their delectable flavors include Blood Orange Mimosa, Orange Turmeric, Island Vibes, Cali Mule, Purple Haze, and Strawberry Mojito. 

NovaEasy Kombucha

Since its inception in 2018, Nova has developed a delightful line of vibrant, bold, and smooth kombuchas “infused with the sun-kissed vibes of San Diego. Their Ocean Beach taproom is an extension of their funky, flamboyant branding and provides the quintessential atmosphere to enjoy a nice, cold hard kombucha on a sun shining day. 

Nova delivers naturally fermented, gluten-free, vegan, kombucha in fun fizzy flavors, such as Strawberry Coconut, Peach, Passion Fruit, Peachy Lychee, Cactus Fruit, Agave, Jalapeno, and La Ola Dragon Fruit–a collaboration with San Diego Wave FC. Another local San Diego brand Nova has recently partnered with is the Padres, creating a show-stopping beverage called the Sunset Slam, a Mango-Lime flavored hard kombucha, which has proven to be a real hit for baseball season in 2024. All of their hard kombuchas are 6-8% ABV. 

For the under 21’ers or those who prefer a non-alcoholic alternative, Nova also sells non-alcoholic kombucha that offers a touch of sweetness, and goes down very smooth. Their non-alcoholic flavors include Guava Mint, Mango Pineapple, and Watermelon Lime. 

Non-alcoholic Kombucha

Maybe you’re a t-totaler, or alcoholic kombucha isn’t your bag. No worries. Check out these non-alcoholic kombucha brands made in San Diego or served at non-alcoholic bars that will wet your whistle.

Babe Kombucha

Babe Kombucha sprouted into existence a little over 7 years ago, around the same time Juneshine popped up.  While both give off tropical island energy, Babe delivers a slightly less corporate, more laid-back uncle–with a proper taste and feel. Babe has mastered their branding, offering cans with gorgeous illustrations of women with lush flowers in their flowing hair, surrounded by floating fruits. This craft kombucha is not only pleasing to look at, but tastes delicious and abundantly flavorful. 

Playing on the flavors of Hawaii, Babe Kombucha offers Hawaiian Pog-passion fruit, orange, and guava, Maui Wowie–strawberry, coconut, and lime, and Sandia–watermelon and cucumber. Some more unique flavors include Apple Pie Chai, Beach Vibes-Pineapple and fresh mint, Cali Gold – Mango and Ginger. A true farm-to-can experience, Babe takes pride in their fresh and organic ingredients sourced from local farms like Stehly Farms and San Gabriel Ranch, delivering high quality ingredients and currently distributing to over 23 states.

Notably, Babe’s owners also opened one of the first kombucha non-alcoholic tasting rooms in San Diego in order to serve USD students and the community of SD at large. They offer caffeinated kombucha and yerba mate as well, including Blueberry and Blackberry Yerba Kombucha as well as Passion Fruit and Mint Yerba Kombucha. Not sure what to choose? Make your own 12 pack to try them all! They also now carry hard kombucha in flavors like Cosmopolitan, Mojito, and Pina Colada.

Howling Moon Kombucha

Formally Seven Seas Kombucha, Howling Moon Kombucha is a refreshing, lightly carbonated non-alcoholic kombucha that has low vinegar content that is meant to be enjoyed wherever the wind takes you. Their kombucha contains living organisms and probiotics known to kill off harmful bacteria, is mildly acidic, low in sugar content, and unbelievably tasty. Some of their fun flavors include Cactus Nectar–prickly pear, hibiscus, rooibos, Dragon Slayer–guava, dragon fruit, basil, Garden of Eden–pomegranate, rose, chamomile, also have kegs of other flavors such as Sea Breeze–blueberry, sea salt, coriander, and Mango Sticky Rice–mango, coconut, sea salt, rice. Sounds delicious, right?!

Howling Moon Kombucha brands made in San Diego is all about adventure, flavor, and fragrance, and they believe that “every day should be infused with a touch of excitement.” This motto reflects perfectly in their bold, exotic flavors, influenced by travel and adventure, and they encourage you to get outside and enjoy their craft beverages in the desert, under the moon, by the beach–or even on tap at home or in your office! Scope their kombucha finder to find out where you can find them–either in grocery stores or at bars and restaurants throughout San Diego county!

Tapshack Kombucha and Coffee

The name of this cornerside Ocean Beach kombucha spot is truly spot-on–an outdoor hippie shack just steps from the beach where you can find non-alcoholic kombucha on tap. Their organic tea blends that are naturally fermented to create the most delicious bubbly, probiotic, low sugar drinkable that is flavored with organic natural fruits. They use real ingredients and superfoods, are eco-friendly, sustainable, and give off delightful, positive vibes. Their storefront may be small, but their laid-back tropi-Cali vibe and unparalleled non-alcoholic kombucha beverages make massive waves, especially because they come in such beautiful, vibrant colors–pinks, purples, blues–the whole color spectrum! Some fun flavors of theirs Tapshack also also carries brewed-in-house nitro cold brew and shroom brew blends as well as matcha. 

Come fill up your entire growler or grab a 4 flavor flight, and peep their rotating flavors, or opt to order online and select from their most popular flavors, ready to ship. Tapshack is also offered in several stores throughout San Diego. If you’re all about sustainability–BYOG–bring your own growler or BYOC–bring your own cup, which is great to grab and walk to the beach


Whether you’re on a hunt to improve your digestion, remove toxins from your body, boost energy, promote healthy cholesterol, searching for a bubbly, gluten-free alternative to beer, or simply just because you like the taste, you’re in luck because kombucha brands made in San Diego delivers tons of local, high-quality kombucha from brands with a ton of personality. 

Now grab your growler and head to one of these hot kombucha brands made in San Diego at these locat spots ASAP, and enjoy!