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What is the Scent of San Diego? Here’s What Locals Said

What does San Diego smell like? That’s a question a local media outlet set out to determine — and the results for the scent of San Diego are now in.

Last week, Axios San Diego asked readers to submit what they believe is the true scent of San Diego. The question was inspired by recent news that New Mexico recently made roasted chiles the official state aroma.

On Tuesday, Axios went public with the results. Here are just a few notable submissions that they received:

  • The Beach: Many readers chimed in by saying the scent of San Diego beaches was the region’s main aroma. Whether it was ocean air, surf wax, or the hint of sunscreen, coastal smells reigned supreme.
  • Tacos: San Diego, of course, has a strong taco shop culture, and locals are well aware of it. Many Axios readers said that fish tacos or rolled tacos with fresh cotija cheese immediately evoke America’s Finest City.
  • Sage: As one of the more biodiverse counties in the U.S., San Diego has a lot more natural terrain to offer besides the beach. Whether you’re talking about inland canyon trails or the best hikes near La Jolla, the aroma of native sage plants is nearly inescapable in our city.

While these are pleasant contenders for the main scent of San Diego, some readers pointed out the less lovable scents. Some readers complained about the scent of urine, or the very particular smell from the La Jolla Cove seals.

No matter which scent wins out, the main takeaway San Diego is a beautiful city to visit — both visually and aromatically!

Media credit: Image licensed from Adobe