Buying in Bulk: Where to Buy a Pound of Weed?

Buying in Bulk: Where to Buy a Pound of Weed

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The majority of weed purchases are conducted in grams or ounces, but the rare buyer might want to stock up on favorite strains. If you want to buy a pound of weed, you should know a few things first about weed measurements, the legalities involved, and more.

What Is a Pound of Weed?

How much is a pound of weed? For reference, a gram, the smallest amount you can purchase, equates to about 1-2 joints or 2-3 bowls and is about the size of two marbles.

An eighth of an ounce (3.5 grams) will produce about 6-7 joints or 7-10 bowls; a quarter (7 grams) offers 12-14 joints or 14-25 bowls; and a half ounce (14 grams) equals 30 joints or 40-50 bowls. 

An ounce (roughly 28 grams) will yield up to about 60 joints or 100 bowls, and a pound, which contains 16 ounces, could deliver over 900 joints or 1,600 bowls.

The simple answer is no. Each state that has legalized cannabis imposes limits on the amount of weed consumers may purchase, but none specifically allow for purchases of a pound or more. 

While you could purchase larger quantities illegally, you not only risk penalties if you’re caught, but the products you purchase are unregulated, which means there are no guarantees concerning quality or efficacy.

Where to Buy a Pound of Weed

Although no state in the U.S. specifically allows consumers to purchase a pound of weed, there are several where it could technically be possible, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) listing of Marijuana Laws by State, March 2023. 

For example, Pennsylvania law allows medical marijuana patients to purchase a 30-day supply. With dosage determined by a pharmacist, patients could potentially purchase a pound or more at one time.

States like Alabama and Florida allow for the purchase of 70 daily doses, with limitations, while Ohio allows for the purchase of no more than a 90-day supply of medical marijuana. 

In California, medical marijuana patients are limited to purchasing eight ounces (half a pound) unless a greater amount is deemed medically necessary. So a patient could potentially be allowed to purchase a pound.

Several states have a provision like this in place for medical marijuana, including Alabama, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Maryland, and New Jersey. In all cases, you’d have to meet specific criteria and purchase from dispensaries that sell medical marijuana.

How Much Does a Pound of Weed Cost?

From a recreational standpoint, there are no legal options for purchasing a pound of weed, even if you live in a state where recreational marijuana has been legalized. Still, you might be interested to learn “how much does a pound of marijuana cost?” and there could be a number of factors involved.

What Determines the Price Per Pound of Weed?

Determining how much is a lb of weed will depend on where you buy it, as prices vary widely from one state to the next. 

The type of weed you purchase is also relevant. Marijuana, featuring high THC content, will cost you more than hemp cannabis, which has higher CBD but virtually zero THC (0.3% or less, by law). Medical marijuana is often pricier than recreational.

Different strains could also have different prices. Common indica is generally more affordable than rarer sativa, and hybrids fall somewhere in the middle. The quality of the strain, including genetics, cannabinoid concentrations, and even the appearance and flavor, could play a role, too.

Average Price for a Pound of Weed

With so many factors impacting price, it’s not easy to answer the question, “how much does a pound of weed cost?” You might pay as little as $1,000 or well over $2,000, depending on your region, product quality, whether you’re making a legal purchase, and so on. As with any purchase, researching your options is the best way to save.

Tips for Buying a Pound of Weed

As a medical patient in certain states, you may legally be able to purchase a pound of weed, but it’s best to make sure you meet all criteria and that you find a reputable, licensed dispensary offering high-quality products. 

Although purchasing this quantity is costly, you may be able to save money in a few ways, such as finding the best products for your needs, determining the lowest effective dosage, comparison shopping, and taking advantage of available discounts and deals at preferred dispensaries.

How to Choose the Best Weed Dispensary

In California, it’s always best to purchase from a licensed dispensary and seek out shops that sell the medical or recreational products you prefer. Residents age 21 and over may purchase up to 28.5 grams of recreational weed daily, while medical patients with an ID from the Medical Marijuana Identification Card Program can purchase up to 8 ounces.

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The Difficulties of Purchasing a Pound of Weed

There’s no easy, legal way to buy a pound of weed. It could technically be possible under the law for some medical patients in certain states, but it’s not legally possible if you’re purchasing recreational weed.

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