Your Guide to Weed Bars in Provo -

Your Guide to Weed Bars in Provo

This post is part of our Best Dispensaries in Utah series, brought to you by Cannabist Springville.

What’s a weed bar? Are there any weed bars in Provo, Utah? These are the questions we’re about to answer for Provo residents who love cannabis. If that’s you, we’ve got all the info you need about weed bars, as well as how to get quality cannabis in Provo.

What Is a Weed Bar?

A weed bar, sometimes called a cannabis bar, is a spot where it’s legal to publicly consume cannabis in different forms. 

What’s the need for a weed bar, you might ask? Can’t I smoke weed anywhere in a state where it’s legal? Not exactly. The truth is that public cannabis consumption is uniquely regulated by each state where weed is legal. That means there are certain places where you can legally enjoy weed, aside from the comfort of your own home. 

In other words, just because weed is legal in your state doesn’t mean you can enjoy it anywhere! A weed bar is a designated spot where you’re free to use cannabis in public without any legal consequences. 

So, what should you expect from a weed bar, AKA a cannabis consumption lounge? These spots are typically laid-back and relaxed, places to enjoy weed in a socially stimulating environment. You can expect light refreshments to be available in case you get the munchies, which is an added bonus to visiting a weed bar. 

Here’s the big question: in order to visit a weed bar in Provo, recreational weed would need to be legal in the state. So, is recreational cannabis use legal in Utah? Not right now. 

Unfortunately, this means there aren’t any weed bars in Provo or any other part of Utah. However, you can get a prescription from your GP for medical marijuana in the state of Utah. The only way to legally use cannabis in Utah is with a medical marijuana license. 

Where Should You Get Weed in Provo?

If you’re a part of the medical cannabis community in Provo, Utah, you need an ideal source of quality weed. Look no further than Cannabis Springville, located at 484 South 1750 West. 

Cannabist Springville is open from 11 AM to 7 PM Monday through Saturday and is accessible to anyone 21 or older with a medical marijuana card. Cannabist is set apart by their compassionate and helpful staff, who are well-versed in a variety of forms of weed. They also carry a wide selection of edibles, drinkables, oils, flower, topicals, and a wealth of useful gear. 

When you visit Cannabist, you can always count on getting all the help and support you need as you navigate the world of medical weed. Feel free to ask the staff any questions you have, get recommendations, and even refer to their on-staff medical pharmacist. 

Where Can You Visit a Weed Bar?

There are currently only a few states where it’s legal to publicly consume cannabis at a weed bar. Luckily for Utah residents, several of those states are close by — including California. 

If you visit a weed bar in a state like California, make sure you know the etiquette beforehand. Here are a few tips:

  • Know whether you need to bring your own weed. Social consumption lounges sometimes operate jointly with a dispensary, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes, weed lounges are completely independent from any dispensary and require patrons to bring their own flower. It’s worth mentioning that only a few states allow BYOC (bring your own cannabis) at weed bars. In most cases, you’ll have access to a nearby dispensary — or a dispensary in the building. 
  • Know whether there’s food available. Some weed bars offer packaged snacks to customers, but there’s no food prepared on-site at these establishments. That’s because each state has specific regulations about what you can and can’t do at a cannabis consumption lounge. If you’re not sure whether snacks are available, you can always bring in a few of your own if it’s allowed by the staff.

Start Your Medical Cannabis Journey in Provo

Recreational weed use isn’t legal in Provo — yet. However, you can get high-quality weed from a dispensary like Cannabist Springville if your GP approves. Talk to your doctor and see if there’s a potential for medical marijuana to improve your overall wellness!

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